Sunday, January 30, 2011

You MUST Go and Read This - #8

It might appear that I'm blowing my own horn (or whatever the expression is) by awarding Pond Parleys with my 8th YMGART award. (Note to self - need to come up with a better acronym.)

Not at all - since I didn't write any of it this week. However, my trusty PP co-host, author Mike Harling, has come up with one of his best rambling posts ever. There's no one that can ramble quite like Mike so pop over why don't you. We also have news of a shake-up over there.


  1. I went there before I came here. Do I need to go there again? ;)

  2. er,.. trumpet is the word I think

  3. I think "horn" must be the US version!


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