Saturday, September 24, 2016

Is Trump Even Sane?

So yes, we're still banging on about the election on this side of the Pond. Even more about the first Presidential debate that's scheduled for Monday. Experts are saying that it will be record viewing audiences and I have to agree. Not that too many people are particularly interested in the politics (a good thing because we hear very little in the way of details from Trump), they're just wondering what The Donald is going to do. 

He has been bragging about the lack of preparation he is putting in, and says that he doesn't have a strategy other than to be fair to Hillary if she's fair to him. Whatever that means. Trump has been known to call people unfair when their questions get hard so if she hits him with too many facts he might kick off. I hope so. Donald going off script is a scary, scary thing. Not just because of his incoherent rambling, but because of the things he says that have to be "walked back" almost immediately. "Trumpsplained" is my word for it. 

And just when I thought he couldn't get any more crass he has gone and lowered the bar even further. Hillary Clinton apparently invited Mark Cuban to the debate and that got right under Trump's skin. Cuban is a long time adversary of Trump's, a business man and -crime of crimes - possibly even richer than Trump. He has been very public in recent weeks about his opposition to Trump and I'm sure has donated to Hillary's campaign funds. It's not unreasonable that she would invite him to the debate. 

So what does thin-skinned Donnie do? Puts it out that he's thinking of inviting the woman who was Bill Clinton's long time mistress when he was Governor of Arkansas. That's right. Let's not invite an equally powerful business man or woman, let's try to totally humiliate the woman whose husband cheated on her by inviting said mistress. Because of course, in this election, the sins of the husband are visited on the female candidate. Never mind that Trump is a serial adulterer who has even boasted about his affairs. 

What kind of fifth grade mind does Trump have? It makes me seriously question his mental health that he would even contemplate this, let alone say it out loud. He is running for the most important job in the country and he's playing games like this? 

And being an equally classy person, Ms. Flowers (the ex-mistress) announced on social media that she would love to attend.

Must have another book to sell. 

Actually though, I have a feeling this will backfire on him. I will report back  

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Gap Baby Rules

As some of you know, there's quite the gap between my first two kids and the youngest. So, for my debut blog post at the Huffington Post, I decided to have some fun with it. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Shopping's No Fun When You Know What You Want

I'm talking about clothes shopping. I loathe clothes shopping with a passion. Partly because I have pretty poor body confidence and always think everything looks awful on me. I know, I know. I'm supposed to love my body but after a long period of back problems, ending with surgery in April, I'm still feeling a teeny bit flabby. I also hate wearing any kind of control underwear so all the flabby parts are not what you'd call contained.

But isn't clothes shopping even worse when you know what you want? I have a corporate dinner this week and need something nice. I went shopping with my mother for TWO WHOLE HOURS and found nothing. On the way home, we stopped into a consignment store however, and I found a lovely black jacket with a hint of sparkle in it. Bought it! Will build my outfit around this, I thought...

...and that was where it all started going pear shaped. I have enough black trousers to choose from but a top to go underneath is what I needed. Something in a bold color, possibly also with a bit of sparkle. Off we went to Michigan Avenue.  Apparently I was a month too early. Everything in stock at the moment is tweedy and the color of muddy fields. Not a sequin in sight!

If I'd continued shopping with a completely open-mind, I might have found something by now. A dress? A suit? A complete outfit? But no - I always do this - buy one item and then struggle to match anything with it. It's such a lovely jacket though........

So I hit upon the idea of a visit to the fabric store. (Because of course I have nothing else to do and can easily run up a top!) Success! I found a beautiful silky fabric, with a deep teal, black and silver pattern and a bit of sparkle. In the sale - $17.50!

I'm making a simple tank top. Nothing fancy as the fabric stands on its own. I'm not planning on taking the jacket off so what could possibly go wrong?

Watch this space.

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