Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Come on PR People - Put some Effort in

For some reason, even though I don't do a lot of reviews, I get a lot of requests from PR people. Some bloggers spend most of their time bagging free stuff and reviewing it. Some of them get really good stuff like holidays too. Me? I can't be bothered. If I read a good book, or something is offered that I like the sound of, I'll take it and review it but it's rare. 

Maybe part of the problem is that most of what is on offer wasn't appropriate to my lifestyle ten years ago, never mind now. And I'm guessing that a lot of my readers aren't the target audience either. Here are a few currently in my Inbox -

'Hi Toni - I’m excited to introduce you to this great company that has the cutest nursery products that are Fair Trade! I’ve provided information below specifically about all of the amazing products XYZ has to offer! If you’re interested in a feature, I’d be more than happy to request a sample for you! Enjoy! :)"

And yes - there really was a smiley face at the end. Here's another - 

"Hi Toni -While it is common for parents to complain about the weight of car seats, one can agree that their child's safety is the #1 factor in choosing a seat. Yes, carrying around a 20lb. child inside of a hefty seat can be strenuous, but that is easily outweighed by the peace of mind that your child is safe and secure when traveling."

Hmmm. I know they say they love my blog but something tells me they haven't read a word. My youngest is almost as tall and heavy as me. 

Not at all sure why I was sent this one either - 

“Stay At Home Dads”
Today Person-I've-Never-Heard-Of focuses on the growing phenomenon of stay-at-home dads. The American family is rapidly changing. In a whopping 40% of American households, it is the women who are now bringing home the bacon. And it’s the Dads who are cooking, cleaning and raising the kids. We’ll meet some stay-at-home dads and find out if this role reversal is making them happier or secretly resentful."  

Although this one might work-

"Whether Mommy is helping the kids find the perfect costume, spraying spider webs on the shrubs, or running to get candy at the last minute, Halloween can give mommy the willies! So, we suggest tucking in the little ghouls and taking a moment to relax!
 Mommy can take a break with a glass of Mommy’s Time Out® wine and a few choice morsels of her favorite candy by her side! (There’s no reason the kids need to know you’ve pilfered their take!)"

But seriously PR people, if you're peddling anything for parents of kids under the age of 13, I'm not yer blogger. Plus, look at my blog. Do you see anything that remotely suggests I'm a plugger of other people's products? 


Friday, October 14, 2016

And now there's no bloody Marmite...............

So it's been a bit chaotic on this side of the Pond, and I'm not just talking about politics. 

The disc I had operated on in April has only gone and herniated on the other side! I know! So now I'm back to where I was with pain and restricted mobility. To say I am disappointed is putting it mildly but my doctor says not to assume the same things will happen this time. Like not finding anything to take the pain away or calm the sciatic nerve down. Ugh. So far I have had a 6 day course of steroid tablets which did bugger all. Grrr..

And then yes, there's Trump. We just can't get away from him but at least it's becoming slightly comical. Apart from the bit where he said he can basically do anything he wants to women and get away with it because he's a star. Can you believe that people seriously think he's fit to represent the country? The things his supporters are coming out with to justify their loyalty are pretty ridiculous. "What about Bill Clinton." (Newsflash- he's not running for President.) "It's 11 years ago, It doesn't matter." (So, neither does Bill's history.) "Hillary attacked the women who accused Bill". (And Trump is doing exactly the same to his accusers). 

So exhausting. 

But the very worst thing this week? A Marmite shortage. Are you kidding me? It's hard enough to get the stuff over here! Because of the drop in value of the British pound (thanks Brexit), Unilever (the maker of Marmite) wants to charge Tesco supermarket chain an extra 10% to make up for the loss. And Tesco has refused! The chain has pulled a number of Unilever products from its shelves, including PG Tips tea and Persil washing powder.

Side note - they are now selling Persil powder here in the States, and they put the emphasis on the second syllable. You can hear it on this video clip. Interestingly, the article lists the many ways Persil was re-packaged and re-branded for the States but fails to mention the pronunciation. Frustrating! 

Back to Marmite, or the looming lack thereof. If you're on Twitter, look at the hashtag #Marmitegate for some hilarious tweets. The BBC web site has done a nice job of rounding some of them up too. 

I think my fave was this one though - 

Marmite - love it or hate it? You can't be on the fence. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brit in America Problems

I'm spring-boarding off the Very British Problems brand, which is excellent in case you haven't heard of it.  (It's on Amazon/Acorn if you haven't seen it.)

Anyway, over at the UK Huffington Post, I've compiled a list of the problems Brits in America face on a day to day basis.

Hope you like it.

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