Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I feel more part of the blogging world now that I've been tagged by Potty Mummy. Not quite sure what to do next, but here are my answers, which prove that I really must get a life!

What I've read in the last week: Working my way through a huge book about Rudolf Nureyev, by Julie Kavanagh. I have to skip over all the names as I can't even pronounce them in my head, so half the time I haven't a clue who's doing what to whom. Also read my weekly People magazine, balanced out by a couple of articles in the Economist. Don't ask me what they were about as my memory is like a sieve these days. I cancelled my newspaper delivery as they just end up in a pile by the door and I feel guilty and uninformed. Also about 75 Kipper books, and a thousand blogs.

What I've watched on TV - Bob the Builder, a tiny bit of American Idol last night (running kids to and from school things put the kaibosh on that), Katherine Tate on BBC America, (although my kids were in the room so I had to keep jumping ahead to the clean bits), and endless coverage on the elections over here.

Sadly, I haven't listened to anything in the last week, unless you include violin practices and whining kids. We have an extremely complicated sound system in the house, with speakers in a lot of rooms, and I have no idea how to work it half the time. Living near school and, like I said, not having a life, I haven't even been in my car, listening to the radio. I quite like the sound of silence though.

What I have surfed - sadly not any big waves in California, (not that I can surf); looking for summer camps for the kids so a lot of surfing about that; doing research for two books at the moment (one expat-related and the other my agent forbids me to speak of until it's in the bag) so lots of surfing for that; also surf some newspapers to make me feel less guilty about cancelling the delivery.

So that's me. What am I supposed to do now?


  1. Hi Expat Mum,
    I don't think I've visited before, what have I been doing? I've missed lots, you're very funny.

    Thank goodness I'm not the only one 'without a life' , I think we need a Bloggers convention on a cruise ship in the Carribean.

  2. Hi there, sorry, should have explained. Now you have to decide who YOU would like to hear this info from, and drop a line in their comments box either telling them all about it there or inviting them back to you to see what they need to do. It doesn't just have to be one blogger either - so you can spread the pain (sorry, gain) as much as you like.

    And thanks for doing that - it was, as Frog said, great to know that I'm not the only one 'without a life'. Although you did rather spoil it by dropping in that reference to Nureyev. And your own book deals. Pah! (Not that I'm jealous or anything...)

  3. I'd say running two kids, a complicated sound system, a career and a blog is moderately - no, very good - going. Can I send you a shoulder pad to go with it? I thought I might start a crocheted retro line in the little devils.

  4. PS Am adding you to blogroll. High handed, I know, but tell me if you object.

  5. Frog - a cruise anywhere right now sounds fab. Welcome to my little blog.
    Potty Mummy - lest you be over-impressed, the Nureyev thing was an example of the marketing powers of Amazon. I had asked for the Noel Coward Letters hardback for Xmas (equally pretentious, I know) and up pops a list of "What other people are buying" so my husband ended up buying me a huge stack of hardbacks for Xmas. Keep me busy all year though.
    Omega mum- blogroll me by all means! And, so that I get the deserved sympathy, it's three kids with a huge gap between the older two and the "bonus" baby, as we tactfully call him. It's great - I have teenage and toddler tantrums at different ends of the house!


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