Thursday, February 7, 2008

Drunk Mummy

Not to brag, but Drunk Mummy and I have been mates for about 20 years. I have just looked at her blog and there are 54 begging comments, but still nothing. You may have noticed she commented on a few of mine and has actually promised to guest blog here.
Having some serious dirt on this woman, I will do my best to get those fingers clicking on the key board again. I happen to know she hasn't gone and got a job or anything, so what's the excuse? She must be made to realise her public need her.


  1. I'm assuming then that she has no dirt on you? Because, tit for tat and all that...

    (But I for one would love to see her blogging again, so please forgoe any concerns for your personal safety and just do it...)

  2. Hmmmm. Hadn't thought about that one!

  3. There's nothing like a bit of blackmail to get an old mate blogging again - go for it!

  4. Crikey! That made me choke on my Chardonnay!
    Expat mum, you are in danger of making me look like a gawky teenage wallflower who desperately wants to be persuaded to dance at the school disco.
    It's true, I do miss blogging desperately, but domestic drudgery keeps rearing its ugly head, and I am, after all, a woman whose idea of multi-tasking is to shout at the kids while pouring another glass of wine. I can’t even pretend I’m doing some fab important job now that you’ve exposed me as the layabout I really am.
    Potty Mummy and Swearing Mother clearly have the kind of native cunning which only develops after years of incarceration with small children. They realise the power of blackmail – but also its reciprocal nature. Be careful, or I will divulge details of your Marilyn Monroe impersonation!

  5. Gulp - a guest blog will do for now then!

  6. Don't say you weren't warned, EPM...

  7. That's enough from the peanut gallery PM.


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