Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post Mortem

As I may have mentioned, Blondie were playing at our local zoo last night! The stage was set up next to the sea lion pool and opposite the lions' den. The animals were safely tucked up inside, probably more in case some idiot tried to join them than to protect their ear drums.
They're doing the Parallel Lines 30th Anniversary tour (Blondie, not the animals) so most of the songs came from that LP, I mean album. (My kids don't even know what I'm talking about if I say LP.) The average age was about 45, so it was a well-behaved crowd out way beyond their bed time. The skies had been ominously heavy all day but the rains never came. (My garden is looking decidedly desert-like today though.)
Anyway, what can I say, they were brilliant. They played for about an hour and twenty minutes, on a stage with no crazy lighting or other distracting special effects. Debbie Harry was in fine voice, so BOOW, I'll have to disagree with you there slightly. No, it wasn't studio quality but she belted them out, except for Fade and Away and Radiate, which was still well controlled. (Do I sound like a rock journalist or what?)
And, she is extremely skinny, not in a skeletal way but compared to the last time I saw her. I couldn't get close enough to see the signs of a face job, although the cheek bones were on full display, but there's no cosmetic surgery that can make you that skinny. If there is, let me know.
I sang along and everyone around me (including the Ball & Chain) was very impressed that I knew all the words. At least I think they were impressed; they may have just been very irritated, but I'd had a couple of plastic cups of nasty white wine by then so I cared not. (What a headache that has left me with, I might add!)
So, you can see their tour schedule on the web site, and I recommend you go and see them if they come to a zoo near you.


  1. Needless to say they will not be coming anywhere near Oklahoma. But then who does? :-)

    Glad you enjoyed the "gig."

  2. Sounds fantastic and I wish I could have come along too. Jan said it all above though - mind you Coldplay are doing OKC in November for the second time!

  3. Hope the hang over wasn't too bad!
    I might not know Blondie's music too well, but there are "Golden Oldies" on walking frames out there I could sing a long with!
    Get over to my place to pick up an award!

  4. I'm happy to stand corrected! Maybe she's been in a high-altitude training camp, readying herself for her visit to the zoos.

    Atomic and Denis Denis are two of my favourite songs ever, I have to say...

  5. I love Blondie and know all the words to "Parallel Lines" - I'm very jealous Lx

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