Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mother of the Year?

I have been a rather fabulous mother this past week, I have to say. Before you splutter at my arrogance, let's remind ourselves that this is by my standards. I'm the one whose modus operendi is usually "If you ignore them for long enough they'll go off and entertain themselves." (It works a lot of the time too.) We were at the beach yesterday, Navy Pier the Day before, the Field Museum on Monday, swimming and golfing on Friday - usually with at least one other child in tow. Not quite sure what brought on this fit of maternal joie de vivre and it took the kids by surprise too. Could be the impending end of summer, which usually sees me spiralling down into a fit of SAD, or whatever that light definiciency syndrome is called. You have to experience a Chicago winter to really appreciate what I mean.

Anyway, glutton for punishment that I seem to be, I'm off to Colorado on Sunday with the kids. The Ball & Chain claims he has to stay behind and work although I know it's because he wants some peace and quiet! He is actually joining us the following Thursday for the Labour (I mean Labor) Day weekend.

Up in Colorado, (Copper Mountain, to be exact) there's lots to do in the summer, and the entire weekend is one giant rodeo. Having been brought up in the American south west, the B&C cringes at the calf roping, bull riding and all that stuff, but the kids and I love it. When in England they become quite English, eating fish and chips, salt 'n vinegar crisps and drinking Robinson's juice. Similarly, when near cowboys, they re-discover their yee-haw roots and start saying y'all. Well not quite. (Their grandad and his ancestors were real cowboys. There's also one outlaw in the family that ran with the Dalton Gang and was a founder member of the Wild Bunch, but that'a another story.)

I won't have access to a computer until the B&C shows up, and even then it will depend on which neighbour's wireless signal we can hook onto. When we get back I must stop all this merriment with the kids - they might start thinking I actually like them or something!


  1. Sounds like a whole lot of fun Expatmum.

    My poor kids used to spend most of their school holidays up the garden in the Wendy House.

  2. I bow down to you Expat mum. If only I could do this many activities, but I don't know where the nearest cowboys are in the south of england...

  3. Have fun making memories to carry you through that cold Chicago winter!

  4. I have just finished enjoying the recording of your (Chicago) radio interview. Very good, much better than "quite good". ;-)

  5. *chuckle* "Ball and chain!" Haven't heard that term in a while!

    I recently did a long weekend in Orlando with my three boys and survived! You can do it -- have fun!

  6. I was congratulating myself the other day on how lucky we were that our 3 yr old LOVES her babysitter so much, then my husband added 'well, maybe it's because she actually plays with her'.


    Have fun in Colorado.

  7. Well, he's here with the computer and there's obviously someone else around with wireless Internet connection we can hook on to. Aren't we awful?
    Knackered but having a great time. Been go-karting a few times as the little one is too small to go himself. (I am now a goddess in his eyes as I take the corners faster that the Stig on Top Gear.)
    Oh to live in Copper Mountain year round - although the oler two said - "Yeah, but where's downtown". City kids!!!!!

  8. Have fun in Colorado... we look forwards to reading how you did as a Fab Mum!

  9. Look forward to hearing that story about the Dalton Gang! Sounds marvellous...what a background! Turns out that Boris Johnson, the Lord Mayor of London, is related illegitimately to the Royal Family...

  10. Do have fun with your lovely children - it does sound great!
    And how lovely that you can be both British and American, when needed. Very versatile. M :-)


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