Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear God...

OK, so far I haven't mentioned politics in my blog. It's meant to be a light-hearted blog, but I have to make an exception here as this is really, really funny. In fact it's so bloody funny, I am weeping....

In the upcoming People magazine interview with Sarah Palin and Todd, the "First Dude" of Alaska, readers questions are posed:

Alicia also wondered if you had any more unique names up your sleeve.
SP: We did. We never got to get our Zamboni in. I always wanted a son named Zamboni.
TP: I don't think that would have flied.

For those reading who don't know what or who Zamboni is (and why would you), it's not a romantic figure in Italian literature, nor a fabulous Chianti. No, it's the honking great machine that comes out onto ice rinks to smooth them over. Very common in North American hockey neighbourhoods.

If you remember, there are other strange names in the family. Palin's 18-year-old son is named Track. Todd recently told People Magazine, "Sarah's parents were coaches and the whole family was involved in track and I was an athlete in high school, so with our first-born, I was, like, 'Track!'"

Okay. I used to get two buses to school every day, as did my brother and sister, but I doubt whether my parents would have named another sibling "Omnibus", or "Double Decker".

And their little one is Trig Paxson Van Palin- on which there seem to be several explanations. The grandfather says Trig is named after his great uncle, a Bristol Bay fisherman, while the name Paxson comes from the well-known snowmachining area. (There you go, they have a fixation with large machines dealing with snow or ice obviously.) Here's another version - After Trig was born, a spokesperson for Palin said that Trig is Norse for true and brave victory. His middle name, Paxson, is the name of an area of Alaska that Palin and her husband think is "one of the most beautiful spots in Alaska," according to a report on MSNBC. Palin is on record joking that she was naming Trig "Van Palin" after eighties rockers Van Halen.

And why would we doubt that?

Thank goodness in the same interview Ms. Palin announces that she's not having any more children. Zamboni - I ask you.

But then, they're relying on the Palin family planning method, which doesn't seem too reliable when you look at the proximity of old Track's birthdate to Todd and Sarah's "elopement". And then there's Bristol, who they think is named after "an important English city", but we all know that-

Bristol Cities = titties. (As mentioned in a previous post.)

As I said - Makes me weep - this could be our Veep!



  1. Yeh you said it Toni, I also posted on this worrying Palin trend awhile back and couldn't agree more. Heck she could be the leader of the free world if J-Mac were to kick the bucket!

  2. Naming kids ridiculous names is just so uncaring. Think of all the leg pulling and bullying that lies ahead.

  3. My Great Uncle was called "Thornley" named after a famous footballer of the time. He hated the name and reverted to plain "Tom". I suppose we could all end up being ruled by X-Factor winners (S. Palin reminds me of one of those) that is mega scary!

  4. There have been stories recently in the UK of kids being christened 'no 13 bus shelter' or similar because that's where they were conceived....

    Sarah Palin; truly terrifying. Just imagine her and Todd becoming first couple, having to meet the world's leaders and have conversations like that....

  5. thank for ppoping by....and for menationing the morning 'crease'..its been appearing more often and notably when I tend to put on a few I am working on that the other downside of the sleep side of the face is my eyebrow on that side I believe is notably lower, those that agree with me seem to have mild patronising tone, but HEY someone at least is agreeing with me...mental note to start penciling eyebrow in a tad hihger on right side...LOL sigh!!

  6. I still can't get over that publicity photo of her sitting on a dead animal. I wonder how many voters she lost with that and was that number outdone by the hunting/fishing types she won? She wouldn't have got out of teh starting blocks over here with that picture - illustrates for me something of the cultural gulf between the UK and the USA

  7. Sadly, huntin' fishin' and shootin' doesn't raise an eyebrow here. I'm just thankful that the nation actually commented on the strange names. Strange even for this country.

  8. It was be hilarious if it wasn't so scary & TRUE. Has the world gone MAD?

  9. I so so so want to believe the "Van Palin" part of this story. They're a classy family, make no mistake...

  10. Names are important. My 7 year old said that if he could vote, he'd vote for McCain because it sounds like candy cane and he likes candy canes. Names can be vote winners.

  11. Don't under estimate Palin's ability to identify with the "regular Joe's" nor the Democrats ability to lose an election. Everyone is saying this is going to be blow out but I have my doubts (evidenced by the last two election cycles.) I'm with you though...I think she is a bit scary at times.

  12. You said it so well EP! I couldn't agree more. Am wondering what delightful name her daughter will give her baby....maybe 'Shotgun' in honour of the wedding and the firearms her family seem so fond of????

    And valley Girl - 'no.13 bus' REALLY That is tragic. Truly.

  13. Heh heh, they just sound so sad. The logic behind 'Track' nearly made me choke.

    Thanks for the info about the Pulmonary Fibrosis. I hope they are doing ok. My friend does have a fair bit of scar tissue in her lungs and it is very painful so they may well have information that will help her.

    I've just been having a read and you've made me smile. I'll be back. Thanks. :D

  14. Sheesh. I couldn't get passed the part where you said that Zamboni is a machine!
    Makes Bob Geldof's kids names seem rather normal!

  15. Oh my God! another brainless couple!
    I wonder... if they had a Daughter would they call her "Snow Plough"?!
    It's very scary to think that these people are in such a powerful position! But then again just look at Georgy-Boy Bush!
    No comment!

  16. Well, I have to tell you I think it's a great name! It shows her rugged individualism and its funa dn uniqye like Barack or Obama, let alone both combined!

  17. Most everyone is Alaska is just a little bit nuts. It's like our last great frontier where rugged individualism still thrives. That makes them very American.

    But I still don't want one of them sitting in the White House (unless it's an igloo).

  18. Sounds like the family's related to Michael, if you ask me... Either that, or they're too influenced by him!

  19. I read this piece yesterday and almost choked on my lunch when I read the "flied" part...
    but did not write about it on my blog as I am Canadian and should probably just mind my own business ;)

    So thank you for bringing this unscripted, sans-cue-cards Sarah Palin moment to more people's attention - I think it's important!

  20. a couple of things, I am a fan of plain old names, these strange names don't wash with me.

    I have a post tomorrow, which I think you will enjoy that touches on this subject.

    Do you have a link for Dave McMahon blog? I looked his name up on Google and got a dog trainer in Niagara Falls amongst other things!!!



  21. Gill - it's called Author Blog and the address is

  22. Just shows you can take the girl out of Alaska, but you can't take the Alaska out of the girl.
    Re your previous post about the World Series. Here's another bit of history: It was named after the newspaper that originally sponsored it -- the New York World.

  23. Great blog! I just so wish that they had called their second child Field and then moved on to Pool and Range, perhaps the youngest being a bit of the wall with Highjump.
    don't think too much about this or it scares the pants of you.

  24. Wake up - I know I should thank you for that info, (and very interesting it is too actually) but it kinda ruins my poking fun of the "world" series now!!

  25. I laughed out loud at this, Toni. I already posted my thoughts on Palin a while back, they didn't amount to much. And the scary thing is not only could she be the Veep, she could be the P. JM is hardly what one would call in the first flush of youth.

  26. To Janet's point. I think anyone can look scary when the media highlights all the negatives and downplays all the positives. For example where are the main stream media stories to match Palin's wardrobe paid by the GOp and which is then given to charity? Where was one story on how Obama spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own campaign money to go on vacation in Hawaii, using his campaign 747, etc?1 We could go one, but you get the point. It's all spin. Palin is plenty enough experienced and smart enough to run. She has more real experience than any of the other 3 combined. there is nothing scary about her unless one is totally gullible and believes all the mainstream liberal media spin.

  27. mmm - I have to say I am not that bothered by the clothes money. If you counted up all the receipts that go through as political expenses by most politicians, it's criminal. Giving them to charity strikes me as an afterthought, but my point about it all is that when you give a donation to a cause you don't get to dictate where it goes. if the GOP wants to spend that money on her clothes that's their choice.
    Palin - it's not Spin. I have seen nearly all of her unedited campaign comments and her TV interviews. When she can put a sentence together that actually makes sense, then I will feel more comfortable. People may call Obama a professor or an intellectual but I think it might be nice to have a thinker in the WH for a change.
    We will have to agree to disagree my friend.

  28. This is brilliant!

    I think we switched places, I'm from CA and have lived in the UK on and off for 18 years.

    Wish I had read your book in prep. BTW -- you may want to post on my many of my readers would be interested in your book.

  29. The woman scares the living daylights out of me...

  30. Brilliant - Mrs Palin really is a worry, and I'm British! She makes Dubbya look quite intelligent. And as for naming a daughter Bristol - give me strength! M :-)


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