Friday, December 5, 2008

For those who have everything

I am at my wit's end trying to find stuff to buy the Ball & Chain for Christmas. He's the sort of chappie who toddles off and buys himself what he needs when he needs it, with nary a thought for those of us who are then expected to come up with gifts for him. Me? I will forego perfume, books, come what may, to give my loved ones ideas for gifts. (It also has something to do with being brought up to "wait for your birthday/Christmas" to get anything.)

The other day yet another catalog(ue) full of useless paraphenalia plopped through the letter box. Aha. Perhaps Ball & Chain gift ideas? Alas no, but in the manner of Potty Mummy, who has very kindly listed some gift ideas (with links) on her blog, might I suggest:

The 50" snowball launcher. ($29.99)

This toy not only launches "softball-sized snowballs" (ie. bigger than normal) but makes them too. Great - not only do you end up with lazy, fat kids, but you'll likely end up with a big fat law suit when a two ton snowball hits your neighbour's grandma.

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Porcelain Musical Egg ($49.99)

"Reminiscent of Faberge eggs" - which, roughly translated means gaudy. 22k gold accents (does that mean it talks like the Queen?), and one hundred hand-set faux jewels. More importantly, each egg is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity - lest you forget what poor taste you have.

The Finger Drum Mousepad ($39.95)

This mousepad is actually a mini electronic drum-kit, coupled with an MP3 player input thing that allows you to play drum solos over your favourite songs. Fab - instead of the Ball & Chain drumming his fingers annoyingly on the desk while he works, he can now transform himself into an ageing rock drummer! As long as he doesn't dance or burst into song, we'll be fine.

My personal fave - The All Occasion Light Display Projector ($99.95)

Turn the facade of your house into an illuninated snow scene and blow the competition away. This light projector box creates gently leaping deer or other images by directing a bright, white beam onto a rotating mirror ball. It comes with interchangeable slides (16 in total) including stars, balloons, witches, and ghosts. Given that most people's houses aren't big enough for this projection display, the images will presumably be leaping all over your neighbour's house too. If you have the neighbour from hell, this could be the ultimate revenge.

All gifts available from Hammacher Schlemmer . Yup, that's right, I said Hammacher Schlemmer.

I am holding out for this:-


  1. Haha that mug is just brilliant! but it only holds 3 biscuits? Don't they make one that holds half a packet?! ;)

  2. Ah, I would like that mug too. Although the tea in it looks rather like soup!

    Men ARE hard to buy for. This year mine will be the lucky recipient of a watch, as he claims he doesn't need one but is always peering over at my wrist and pretending not I will be doing myself a favour too.

  3. What a brilliant mug! Will check out the website to see if it's possible to buy here, there are about a million people I know who would love it... (including me, obviously). And I have to say that your list definitely blows mine out of the water...

  4. That mug is funny! But I hate dunking!
    The snow ball maker sounds fun but we would have to move to the outer Hebrides to get enough to use it!

    Hope you get the Ball & Chain something that he will enjoy. Not sure what to get mine either.
    Usually get clothes!

  5. Ah yes, my husband is just the same. If he wants it, he has it already. However he might not have heard of the snow ball maker.

  6. Can't you make a bilateral present agreement, so that you buy yourselves something big rather than buy each other smaller presents? Or would that mean sacrificing yourself gift-wise?!

  7. teenager has a finger drum mouse pad- got in his stocking from someone last Christmas-sigh. I love the mug

  8. so which one are you gonna get him?
    i vote for the mousepad drum thingy.

  9. Love the mug! But the snowball launcher would be my 'must have' gift, if we had snow. My advice: go with the snowball launcher--scratch a man and you'll find a little boy.

  10. Mug looks great but only 3 biscuits? Must be able to handle at least half a pack of Rich Tea.
    I agree with Mike H - anything that results in fun, pain, blood, guts or laughter is a must for any husband. If I bought that snowball launcher for Craig he'd never come in the house.

  11. I love warm biscuits with my tea! So, that one gets my vote as well.

  12. I'm with Mike. The snow ball launcher looks awesome! But maybe I just think that because you get snow and we don't!

  13. Well, my prayers have sort of been answered - he took out a much loved but much worn long sleeved collared t-shirt thing, noted the fraying everywhere and said he should probably sling it. I'm off to find a replacement, then I'll just buy him a few little bits and pieces. (Of course, he'll probably go out and buy a replacement garment tomorrow.)

  14. I'll have one of those too please. Like you, I was brought up with the "wait till your birthday/Christmas" thing, which was a bit rough, as my birthday is towards the end of November.

  15. LMAO at that mug and how cool is that mouse!

  16. I almpst spat my tea out laughing at that mug. It looks brilliant!

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