Thursday, 1 January 2009

Down with resolutions

Happy New Year everyone. Nope. No resolutions this time. If I look back to the list from last year, I didn't achieve much so I'm not even going to embarrass myself by thinking up some more "goals" to miss. It's like making a to-do list that you know is far too long to achieve in the allotted time. A recipe for self-loathing.

Except for this - which actually might not be a resolution so much as a philosophy.

Don't over-think blogging.

I have read many posts over the past year in which the author agonizes over his or her reasons for blogging. Who cares? For most of us, it's obviously because we love to communicate and/or just love to write. Do we need more reasons? Heck, sometimes I don't even know why I'm on this planet or why I go through the various motions of my life, so figuring out my blogging motives is far too much work. Besides, does anyone out there really care why I choose to blog? Thought not.

Anyhoo - I'm still in Colorado and starting to think about packing up to return to the treadmill of my "real life", so until then -

Here's to 2009.



  1. Well that's a first! I didn't expect to see anyone resolving to make no resolutions. But it is refreshing. Personally I like making resolution lists, and I can't help over-thinking, but hey life would be boring if we were all the same! Happy new year, I've enjoyed e-meeting you in 2008, x

  2. Oh I made a few but none too onerous or anymore than I should be doing anyhoo!

    I wish you a Happy New Year, funny to think you're not that far fron ne in Colorado.

  3. I have made none ... and having made none don't feel under any pressure!

    Have a very Happy New Year!

  4. I've posted this on several blogs already, so if you've read it before, I apologize: I made a New Year's Resolution to stop making New Year's Resolutions; it is the only one I've ever kept.

    And I thought everyone blogged for the same reason I do--because the voices tell us to.

  5. Surely you mean the heavenly choir?!

  6. I totally agree!
    and also think that people try to "explain" too much why they blog...
    I loved Mike's explanation of it being the voices! That's my excuse too!
    It was great "meeting" you this year expat mum!

  7. Yep, totally agree that over analysing why you blog being just not interesting. Just do it and enjoy it.
    Last year I resolved to make resolutions that I might keep (doing nice stuff as opposed to hectoring myself about what I wasn't doing/should do) that worked quite well.
    I should perhaps resolve to do even less. That would do it.

  8. Good on you! I personally love Ted Velvet's list and it made me laugh out loud but isn't for the faint hearted (his blog is linked from mine)
    Enjoy the rest of your hols & Happy New Year!

  9. Well, don't know how it is in Copper but it's lovely and unseasonably warm (54F) today down here along the front range--has been that way for quite a few days now.

    "No resolutions this time. If I look back to the list from last year, I didn't achieve much so I'm not even going to embarrass myself by thinking up some more "goals" to miss. "

    --Oh, THAt IS SO ME!!

    Yes, I don't think people should aplogise for why they blog. Indeed, who cares? No one owes anyone anything in our own blog world. It is ours and people are free to come and go as they wish. Like you said, a lot of us write as we simply just love to write. For me it is cathartic.

    I'm sure I speak for many too when I say how glad we are you choose to blog too.

    I awas just discussing blogs with my father today and he said he didn't get it at all--"It's just people writing down their opinions! Who cares?!" I chuckled and didn't respond, not telling him about my own one. He would have probably groaned if I had!

  10. Resolutions never really work for me either...and blogging is just FUN. Why do you need a reason?

    I also wanted you to know that the guest post you were kind enough to send me is up, but through a "sister site" of sorts that I made for entertainment that isn't american. It's called Bridge the Gap.


  11. I agree.
    Never explain.
    Happy New Year.

  12. mum, I knew that. (But it's creepy the way you always see straight through me). x

  13. Maybe you are wise to make no resolutions and it doesn't matter why you blog....... just keep on blogging because I look forward to your posts!
    OK for some, still on holiday!

  14. I'm impressed that people even kept their list from last year, let alone reviewed it. I feel so incompetent!

  15. Good for you! If I read another blog entry with a blogger throwing their toys out of their pram and saying that they will never blog again (only to slink back a few days later with their tails between their collective legs) I think I might go mad!

    Happy New Year, Expat Mum.

  16. Fantastic post - I soo agree on all resolutions, no stress; no whys and wherefores about blogging so no crocodile tears..!
    J'adore your blog, incidently..:)


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