Friday, 30 January 2009

A Fork in the Road

Like many of us, I've been contemplating the bloggy thing (not as seriously as some, but contemplating all the same.) I think the time has come to make some decisions. Do I really have time for this? Where is it all leading? You know the sort of questions. So,......

Announcing the arrival of a shiny new blog. Yes, that's right! Because I have SO much free time, I am launching another blog. It's called Pond Parleys, and will be co-hosted by Mike Harling of the Postcards from Across the Pond blog. Following our spectular radio debut last week on BBC Radio 5, Mike and I decided we wanted to ride the wave and continue our cross-channel discussions on a variety of issues. It will go live on Monday, but you can have a sneak peek now.

Each week, we will both answer a question or debate some US/UK issue. Initially, we will come up with the topics, but we welcome suggestions from readers and hope to have that as the on-going format. As you know, neither of us claim to be academics, politicians or persons of gravitas, so even though the subject matter might be provocative and topical, we won't get too full of hot air and bore the pants off everyone.

And friends, you don't have to be an expat to contribute. The idea is to discuss issues from both US and UK perspectives, so you can chime in with your own ten cents/pence worth. Who knows, we might even build some much needed bridges and be invited onto Obama's World Bridge-Building team. (Just made that up. One can hope.)

And for those of you who want to continue reading my usual cornucopia of stuff, stick around, I'll still be blogging here too.



  1. good for you - will take a look

  2. Good grief. You will be busy. Yes. I would like to contribute. I will reserve my judgement however until after my half term visit to the states Lx

  3. I've been over and like the look...looking forward to reading you both there. Good luck with the new venture...

    Saz x (FFF)

  4. Oooh. Exciting. Will go over there now and take a look...

  5. I've had a look and it looks brill... Hx

  6. You are going up in the world! I will take a peek. Think it is a brilliant idea.

  7. Oh, I'm so glad i came to read this. Good news. I hope to chime in.

  8. Looks like you do have time! Good luck and I will sto by time to time, when I have time...

  9. Great idea. I will be an avid reader once I become a fellow expat mum later this year...

  10. coulda sworn i'd left a scintillating comment on here about this..... musta imagined it.
    anyhoo, good luck with it. it's a good idea.
    (my other comment was much better than this.)

  11. And meanwhile...

    I've tagged you. Come on over to my place.

    I like the sound of the new blog, because really, I have so much spare time and so few websites to visit. No seriously, it sounds great. I'll head over and have a look (although I can't get the visual imaage of you and Mike riding the cross-channel waves together - on a surfboard or something?)

  12. Ohhh another blog to keep me from my housework - goodo! Will pop over and take a look and am bound to chip in.

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