Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The mom pants

For my UK readers, no I'm not going to flash my knickers here. We had enough of that after my birthday post last year. (You'll be pleased to know by the way, that my mother didn't feel the need to send any more control underwear to me for Christmas.)

In the US, "Pants" refers more commonly to trousers, while the hilarious term "panties" is reserved for underwear. (I say hilarious because I am still of the opinion that you must be under about 7 to use the term.)

So, at Pam and several other's requests, here are the offending "mom" pants that the Queenager was most desperate to avoid last week. As you can see, they are totally outrageous in their, well, "mommy-ness". Actually, you may have guessed that this is not my bod, (although it could be you understand) and the photo was taken from a perfectly normal, non-mommy web site. These pants are meant to go with a variety of things, as they do. I'm not at all sure what's wrong with them and since I own about three pairs, with different lengths and one with a side pocket, I will continue to wear them, shamelessly.

As I mentioned, I did however put the skinny jeans on and did my presentation thingy at the high school assembly. I seemed not to draw any scathing comments from my pimply audience, although had they known the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb" or god forbid "common", I'm sure I would have heard that.

OK, so that's not me either - my feet aren't that big!



  1. mum, what sort of tease is this? I want to see pictures you, sweetheart, not professional models with never a curve in sight.

  2. Get over it - those are perfectly presentable, my god if I had taken my teenage daughter's words to heart I probably would have withered away and died!! :) As you can see I have survived, it was touch and go there for a few years - chin up - wear those with pride - she can deal with it - especially when you are the one wielding (?) the credit card. LOL

  3. They look pretty nice to me but what do I know. I am wearing a pair of jeans I bought from Laura Ashley (they were in the sale).

  4. I have not worn jeans for a long time! I do wear M&S shaped trousers though.
    The ones you have illustrated are perfectly acceptable and I don't think you will need to worry for a very long time yet :-)

  5. Hello Mommy!!!
    I much prefer the "mom pants" over the skinny jeans... they are very classy!!
    Ahh... kids these days! ;)

  6. Relieved that we are not talking about knickers. I must admit, the word panties sounds ludicrous to me too. Mind you 'intimates's is even worse!!
    I don't suppose they use the word 'common' in Chicago? How about 'she looked a right clip in them jeans'.
    I am sure you looked just fine!
    How about horrifying queenager and buying some UGG boots

  7. Nice taste in 'pants,' if I may say so.(LOL) I have a pair of the 'Mom pants' too! In fact I also have DKNY skinny jeans and, dare I say it, the UGG boots!! Common or what?!

  8. They look very nice actually, but a post of you in big knickers would have been funnier ;-)

  9. Nothing wrong with the jeans, but the troos are chic! My Grizzler has very odd tastes - Jeans worn at half mast so you can see the make of his boxers - odd, a la skater-boi - Does that make us wrong in what we choose to wear - Surely at 40+ we know best what suits our bodies?!

  10. Totally not sure what the problem is with the "pants" except that they are black and I'm assuming not denim... low rise, wide waist band, flared at the ankles... scary if my thirty something self has lost touch with the younger generation in not seeing the problem here...

  11. In defence/defense of the Quuenager, who usually thinks I'm the Bizz (because I have an Ebglish accent), she really just thought the skinny jeans would look hipper. She usually makes me do a twirl (Anthea) before I go out and tells me I look "Gwagous".

  12. Oh bugger - two glasses of Pinot and I turn into George Bush.

  13. They look like v hip trews to me. Does that make me uncool now?!

  14. Blimey, I would feel totally hip and chic if I had those on. It would be a big step up from the usual jeans.

  15. "Trews" - agh that word. Like "frock".

  16. Trews arrgh
    and i hate the way Stacey and Clinton say,
    "this is a nice pant."
    'this is a good jean"

  17. I can't understand why on earth there is anything wrong with those pants? I would wear them, but then if I were the size of that model I wear anything!!!

    Gill in Canada

  18. I can't wait for those kind of comments from my daughters.

    I have pants like those, BTW. Several of them in fact.

  19. skinny jeans are a no no, my arse would like hattie jacques' you know who l'm on about?

    Its ok when in slim mode circa 1974, but 2009..jeez, wider at the hem the better, balances one out dont you know!!

  20. "mutton dressed as lamb" or god forbid "common", = perish the thought!

  21. Oh sure, you're just being modest! :)

    BTw, i refuse to say pants and haven't in 20 years when referring to trousers!

  22. These posts about mom pants are so funny. I never heard of the term until I was reading (US celebrity site) last week and there was this post about Jessica Simpson in mom jeans:
    Gosh, all I wear are mom jeans. I thought I was so cool but I guess not, ha!


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