Saturday, February 21, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

You may not hear from me after this post as the Queenager will KILL me if/when she sees this. However, in the interests of blogging, I have decided that the risk to life and limb is worth it.

She was sixteen last week. (Where on earth did all that time go?) Unfortunately, I was not able to spend the day with her, but it looks like she wasn't really missing me. The Ball & Chain gallantly took the kids to Colorado for their week off. (I mentioned I was taking off to help a friend in need.) When we were skiing at Christmas, the Queenager somehow managed to con the resident (and brilliant) singing duo, Lefty Lucy, to sing her a Jonas Brothers' song on her birthday. Much to our surprise, they agreed to learn one (don't ask me which one), and duly sang it, along with everyone else in the bar, on her 16th.

Although a card-carrying member of the Drama Queen Club, she doesn't like the real spotlight. For reasons too difficult to fathom, she has no desire to get up on stage and otherwise show-off in front of a crowd. (If I hadn't been there at the delivery, I would swear she's not from my gene pool.) Her brothers are carrying the torch for me on that score, with the 13 year old singing "We Will Rock You" on his own at a Middle and High school talent show, and the 5 year old booked into a two week acting-and-singing summer camp, at his request.

Judging by the ball & Chain's camera-phone photo however, she was given no choice about a spotlight being shone her way. It also seems that she really got into it doesn't it? Fortunately you can't really identify her, so when the people from Family Services catch up with us I will deny all knowledge and delete this post!!!

Dancing on a bar! That's my girl!!!


  1. Oh brave who delves into the darkest deepest depths of teen world...and who risks life and limb, by publishing a photo of this evil woman actually enjoying herself, the evidence is here!!
    ... you who have ruined the

  2. Oh, It is lovely to see people enjoying themselves. Hope you don't get skinned alive else we would miss you!

  3. Your youngster's first "dancing on the bar" experience and you missed it! Still, it must make you proud ;)

  4. bless her- give her a big hug from us X

  5. Oh yeah! So did she have a Sweet Sixteen party? We'd only been in the country 18 months when mine turned 16 and she told me in no uncertain terms that if we gave her a Sweet 16 party she'd vomit into her crown - which suited me just fine at the time.

    Now my next daughter is currently 11 so we have five years to decide which side of the pronged tiara we're sitting on. Ouch.

  6. No kids for me (except the furred kind), but I have it on good authority that if you *really* want to embarrass your teenager, post comments on their FaceBook page.

    Mind you, this is a good way, too ;-)

  7. Brave Mum you are!
    I loved the shopping with teenagers post, by the way - you nailed it.

  8. Dancing on the bar on her 16th birthday? The force is strong in this one. As my boy hurtles towards his teen years, I sometimes wish he were a girl, so that I could pass on my tips for the teenage years- how to survive Christmas lunch after 10 vodka and tonics the night before, how to avoid divulging ANY information to my father about a new boyfriend, how to avoid divulging father's nickname for said new boyfriend. And so on. Ah, happy days.

  9. omg I am fixing you a martini RIGHT NOW!!

    I LOVED this post.


  10. The funny thing, I guess, is that we were all teenagers once!

  11. Love it! Sixteen, wow. Can't wait.

  12. Great pic (and post)but watch out...the person who used to write about 'living with teenagers' in the Guardian had to ditch her column after her kids found out about it!

    I am just lucky the Littleboys can't read yet....

  13. I've done the Facebook thing altho' I tagged her and it didn't appear on her page for some reason.
    My kids know that I blog but I think they just forget. What could a mother possible have to say of interest eh?
    She knows I call her the Queenager and pretends to get all uppitty but as long as I don't reveal anything too personal. it'll be fine. (After all, I'm not really that anonymous.)
    Either that or she's saving it all up for a mega-chat with the school counsellor.

  14. This either brings a tear to the eye or strikes fear in the heart! I'll go with tear :-) Having a Queenager isn't so bad... yet!!


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