Friday, 6 February 2009

Photo tag

Iota tagged me, and these are the rules:

Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
Pick the 4th picture in that folder
Explain the picture
Tag 4 people to do the same.

The first 4 to leave a comment here, volunteering to do this (it's fun, especially if you cheat) are "IT".

So I cheated a bit, because I was meant to go to the fourth file on my computer and pick out the fourth photo. However, my kids sometimes read my blog (I know, I know) and would call Family Services if I posted their photos. So I kept clicking till I came to this:

This, to me, says it all as far as American sportmanship goes. Not only do they leave games when it appears their team can't win (and I'm talking emptying the stadium, not just a few trickling out here and there), they boo them when they make a mistake, never applaud a good throw/punt or what have you by the opposing team - and (as evidenced here) deliberately try to put them off when taking a potentially game-clinching shot.

This is a photo taken by the Queenager at a Chicago Bulls basketball game last year. (Any comments from those in the know about how crap they are, will be instantly reminded that they are "rebuilding" after their dominance in the mid-90's). Anyway, can you see what they are waving? Long, skinny, very distracting balloons. And the shocking thing is that they were handed out to the fans seated behind the other teams' net by the United Center (home to the Chicago Bulls) management specifically to be waved frantically, thereby distracting the opponent's free throw shooter. Sportsmanship at its best. You can see by the fuzzy photo how much movement it elicits. I can't believe for a moment it's really legal, but no one else seems to think too badly of it, and everyone laughs at me when I protest.

It's just not cricket is it?



  1. How true Toni, I thought the same when they made tennis racquets bigger. How sporting, but at least we all get to use the big ones. I was shocked too when I was at some sporting event and everyone started leaving......I could go on here but I wont - I will take up the challenge and look in my photo folders. :)

  2. No its deffo not cricket,or soccer, or anything british. When I lived in the states, Iw as at school there, and we were keen to return each evening to school to support and watch not even participate in school sports and activities, we would be out all nah!! upper lip wot, and not cool to be a swot or sporty type unless considered a nerd...goodness knows how the 2012 olympics will fare, will the brit public get behind it, whether they approve of the expense or not...who are SOO right!! great image for your meme!

  3. Definitely not cricket. I recently read something, though, that pointed out that cricket wasn't really cricket any more, the way they all over-celebrate each wicket. The writer said something along the lines of "the whole point should be that you behave as if you knew it was going to happen, not go mad as if you'd surprised yourself, or been favoured with huge luck". He pointed to golf and snooker as the sports where the superior "non celebration" was taking place these days.

  4. Oh my God this made me laugh hysterically. When my husband was courting me he came to NYC for a weekend and I took him to a Yankees game in Yankee stadium. He was HORRIFIED at how "not cricket" it all was, which of course was lost on me never having been to any sporting event in the UK. Now, I totally get what you are saying but it still makes me giggle.

  5. DAMN I am not in the first four so no photo. Unless I am invite of course

  6. These tag malarkeys are getting ever more complex!

  7. In college football they get penalised for "over celebration" which seems a bit silly sometimes. On the other hand, I hear horror stories of kids/youth sports where parents are a NIGHTMARE.
    None of it is cricket - whatever happened to our decorum?

  8. Reminds me of England fans behind the opposing teams goal during penalty shoot-outs. But as we all know, it rarely has the desired effect!

  9. I was a follower of the hapless Buffalo Bills before coming to the UK and I am always amused by the story of how, one time when they were behind by 32 points people left the stadium in droves. But then they staged the greatest comeback in NFL history and the people who left were scrambling to get back in.

    I'm going to do the 4/4/4 photo challenge because the photo I found goes so well with my current post. But I'm cheating big time because, according to the rule, I'm not eligible and I'm not going to tag anyone. (Gosh, what a spoil-sport!)

  10. That behaviour is just so not cricket, is it?

  11. I went to the Cricket for the first time in Australia over Christmas--international match with South Africa--and the fans in the stands were insistently doing the "Mexican wave" even though it's supposed to be not allowed, and they were also batting around beachballs and other inflatable objects including a full sized naked female blow-up. Not sure that was much better...


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