Friday, March 27, 2009


So there I was e-mailing the Ball & Chain about "the consequences" for either The Queenager or Mr. Minimal having left an I-pod in a pocket, and allowing it to be washed and gently tumbled. (Are you impressed that we decided to present a united front on this matter? I am.) Should we make them pay the whole price for a new one? Should we meet them half way and warn them that this would be the last time? You know how it goes.

I still couldn't work out which one was the perpetrator. I had texted them both at school "Do you have your I-pod", but of course they only ever glance at their cell phones if they need me to bring something to school that they swore they absolutely didn't need that morning. (Since they know I pick up the little one at noon three mornings a week, I can't always refuse. Well, without coming across as Mean Mom anyway.)

So there we were, like Sherlock Homes and What's It trying to figure out who the I-pod belonged to:

Me: I'm not sure it's his because he wears it every day to school. Did you see him leave this morning?

B&C: No, but you're right, he would rather have been late than walk without his I-pod.

Me: It must have been the Queenager's as it had those small ear phones wrapped around it.
(Mr. Minimal has gone retro and has enormous headphones for some reason.)

Me: But the Queenager's is bright green and this one is silver - unless it washed all the colour off as well.

B&C: Hmmm. Well, that might have happened. They're probably not made to withstand the warm/cold wash cycle. (I lie there - he barely knows where the washing machine is let alone which cycle I would have used.)

Me: And it had a black fabric-type cover on it.

B&C: (Ten second pause). A what?.

Me: A sort of stretchy black cover on it.

B&C: (In a whisper) Oh.

Me: What?

B&C: (In barely audible voice.) It's mine. I must've left it in my workout shorts.

Me: Oh thank god for that. Well you can bloody well pay for a new one yourself!

This morning it appears to have come back to life, would you believe? So now we can stop making fun of the B&C. On second thoughts, I should really milk this shouldn't I? The kids certainly are.



  1. Its come back to life ...... you say?
    Are you kidding me?!
    That is amazing!

    Yes...... milk it a bit longer, I would!

  2. Oh I didn't see that coming! A lot of milk, I'd say!

  3. And people make fun of us Apple types for claiming that their stuff just plain works... this is a bit of an impressively extreme case though. :-)

  4. OMG ROFLMAO at the B&C! Can't believe it's still working though, I guess iPods are the only things built ot last these days!

  5. OMG that's hilarious. I still think you should make him do the laundry for a month though as penance!

    Can't believe it came back to life. What the chuff. Mine conks out if it senses a stiff breeze.

  6. Yes, something like this is far too valuable to let slide. Milk it, milk it till it has nothing left to give.

  7. The B&C let you off with it? Aren't you supposed to check his pockets?

  8. brilliant and definitely milk it for all its worth for sure

  9. So funny. Would have been great to have seen his face when the penny dropped. I love all expressions of sheepish, don't you? Apart from when it is me being forced to wear the expression obviously. Hee hee hee

  10. Too bad for the B&C; you can hang on to this one for a long, long time. But just be careful youreself--Karma, and all that ;)

  11. That's funny! Just be happy--you know you would have ended up paying for it! Our daughter's I-pod died and we were sweating bullets till we got it started again (even though when she got it we said we wouldn't every pay to fix/replace it)...thank heaven for phone support!

  12. Oh well, it's dead again. It won't take a charge. Thought it was too good to be true.

  13. Hilarious! You can get stretchy black covers??

  14. That is so perfect, and I think you should milk it a bit more. I love the quiet little whispery voice... So sorry it doesn't seem to have survived though - that was a miracle. M xx


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