Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Hole follow up

So the big hole in the front sat there for four days longer than it should have, due to heavy rain forcing wimpy City inspector to cancel the inspection. Actually, the fact that the Irish workers had left the hole uncovered, and the overnight downpour filled it with water, probably had something to do with it too!

Oh and, here's one of the workers. Sorry about lower left hand onbstruction.

Anyhoo, it gave me some time to play with the big hole in a Halloween sort of way. First I put a sign on the top, thus:

A close up look:

I was a bit concerned that someone would notice that the Ball & Chain hadn't been around much (travelling - that's my story and I'm sticking to it), but I needn't have worried. See, I didn't think to cover it in plastic so about an hour later, after it had rained again, the words were all blurred.

So then I went all Shakespearean, got a plastic skull and put it right next to the hole, you know - Yorrick style:

Previous to all of this, we had decorated the fence with fake cobwebs, like most of the kids' houses round here:

And if you think that's going over the top, this is what Martha Stewart suggests you have hanging around the place:

Talk about having skeletons in the closet. Arf, arf!



  1. there are a couple of people I would love to stuff in that hole, if there is room!!

    Pretty funny.....

    Gill in Canada

  2. That is soooo funny!
    Glad you did that!

    Nuts in May

  3. I love this! I'm also inspired by the skeletons (after an utterly useless trip out in central London in search of a Hallowe'en costume for a 2 year old. Clearly not a problem you're likely to have!) Not sure how the neighbours would react though...

  4. And Husband has returned, by now...? Or is he due to be replaced by No. 5...mwa hahahahahahahaha....

  5. I thought you were going to put the skeleton in the hole, or did you?

  6. brilliant photos-especially husband number four. In UK you would have someone round from the council checking that you aren't some mass murdering psychopath. LOL

  7. At least you have a legitimate reason for ghoulish Halloween decorations.....

  8. You know, none of us has actually seen the B&C... ;)

  9. That's great. I'm no good at Halloween decorating, just could never get that into it.

  10. Very funny. Now where is your husband, really?

  11. Ooh,ooh, ooh. I wrote to our local NBC news station about the stupid planting of trees all over Chicago and they are considering doing a story about my sewage hole!! How exciting. I'm sure the Mayor will love me.

  12. Maybe you can get some 'crime scene, do not cross' tape?

  13. I love it. Does the ball and chain find it funny too? Maybe you could put a scarf of his around the skulls neck as well.

  14. That is too funny!

    I just can't imagine Martha hanging her own line of those Halloween deccas in her own home!


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