Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Expat ski vacation report

So we're up in Copper Mountain (Colorado) for the annual Expat family Xmas retreat, and so far no real "events". (And of course, that's now jinxed.)

The Ball & Chain did his usual two day drive across the Plains, this time with the Man Child in tow.  I told him to give the MC "the talk" while he was a captive audience but I've yet to follow up on whether this happened. He may have had a date a few weeks ago, (The Man Child that is, - at least I hope so) so we obviously need to discuss "things" with him.  I say he "may" have had a date because when I asked him if going to the movies with a girl constituted a date, he said he didn't know. I realise that he was giving away as little as possible, but surely you  need to know whether you're going on a date or not? I mean, what if one thinks it's a date and the other doesn't? How embarrassing/disappointing is that going to be? Please don't tell me I'm going to have to re-live the dreadful insecurities, unrequited crushes and crushing disappointments of my youth with my teens?  Oy, oy ,oy.

Anyway, I flew with the Queenager and Little Guy the following day (we're not stupid) and the "men" picked us up at Denver airport. Miraculously, there were no hiccups other than the Queenager thinking she'd left her I-pod  on the table where we'd had lunch in Chicago. I am so used to my kids walking off and leaving things that I now do a visual "sweep" whenever we move from one point to the next. Before I "de-plane" (don't you hate that word?) I am to be seen on hands and knees, scanning for anything from dot -to-dot books to cell phones.  So, I knew without a doubt that we hadn't left it on the table but I could see from the fear and panic in her eyes that she had no clue where it was. Fortunately, once the contents of her carry-on bag were tipped out onto a nearby seat, she remembered it was in one of those secret zippered pockets in her ski jacket.  I couldn't really get annoyed with her as I do that on a daily basis with my car keys.

So here we are on day three and I haven't been outside let alone on the slopes. The day before we left I developed a slight cough, which turned into a consumptive-sounding hack the day we travelled. I was seriously worried that they wouldn't let me on the flight. The first full day of skiing saw me in bed, asleep for about eight hours during the day. Yesterday I had no voice whatsoever, felt dizzy when I stood up and wheezed with every breath. "Could this be walking penuemonia?", I thought.  Today I am up on my feet but am coughing up a lung on an hourly basis and can barely breathe. It's very high here (9,000 ft - almost 2800 metres apparently) so exerting oneself is a challenge, but I'm afrad if I go another three thousand feet up on a chairlift I might have to be brought back down with an oxygen mask on one of those strecher/guerney things. Who am I kidding? I don't even have the strength to put my boots on and walk ten feet carrying skis.

Perhaps tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Little Guy is loving ski school thank goodness. A far cry from a few years ago when we dropped him off. His little bottom lip started and he said "Mommy, I think I might cry if you stand here so I'll just go upstairs". 

Break my heart why don't you?



  1. Hi expatmum,

    Ooh! That sounds's hoping that you feel much, much better very soon. I'll pass the mask to you. (Spare scuba air tank might do it.) Thanks for leaving such supportive comments over at mine. Much appreciated. Wishing you and all your lovely bairns and B&C "hinny pet" the most wonderful Christmas and super 2010! Big hugs, Hadriana xx

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I think you are very adventurous doing this each year - I'm afraid that I've break both legs the second I put skis on. Merry Christmas to you all and I look forward to reading all your posts in 2010. XXX

  3. Holy crap get yourself to the doctor, I hope you feel better soon! Have a wonderful time in Colorado...Merry Christmas!

  4. I just spent a week in Florida with that ailment. Coughing so hard my diaphragm hurt and wheezing both on breathing in and out. I am happy to report that without any medical intervention (well, other than Robitussin from the local CVS) I am now much less scary and only coughing a shallow cough occasionally. There is hope. But boy does it suck to be sick when travelling.

  5. I hope it was a temporary blip and that you feel better very soon - your family need you to pick up the pieces for them!

  6. It's so not fair that you are sick! I hope you feel well enough to enjoy some part of your vacation... {hugs}

  7. Hope you recover enough to catch some powder...I hear it's snowing hard in Colorado today. Merry Christmas x

  8. Jealous, moi? Noooo. I love sitting in the soapy mess that's been called snow a few days ago. Boo-hoo, how I miss Switzerland!!
    Enjoy your vacation. xx MM

  9. Well, I went out for one whole run this afternoon. Air too thin and had to stop to hack up another lung every few minutes. Came back with cracking headache (oxygen deprivation). Not a good idea to ski like this at this altitude.
    Not to worry, I am QUITE happy reading, blogging, and pottering about - in the quiet! (Wink)

  10. me too.
    cough, hacking etc.
    I went to the docs and had to get an inhaler AND an antibiotice after 3 weeks of no let up.
    Better go and see one, you.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. Oh dear, I had walking pneu a couple of years ago and had to take a shot in the butt to get rid of it. I hope you start to feel better soon and can enjoy the slopes.

  12. Just be careful when you're out on the slopes, sound like your mother don't I!!!!

    Anyhow Merry Christmas to you and your family, I had another blast from the past the other day with my Christmas video's Shakin Stevens!!

    Been a pleasure getting to know you this year.

    Gill in a Snowy Canada

  13. Sarah - I still have pain in my shoulder and limited movement from the flu shot. A butt shot ain't happnin'.
    Merry Xmas all. I'm signing out to get the rest of the presents wrapped etc. Have a safe and happy Crimble.

  14. Oh, poor you. Hope you feel better soon, or at least enjoy the convalescent version of your holiday (yup... reading, blogging and pottering about sound just as good as skiing!)

  15. Oh, poor you. Hope you feel better soon, or at least enjoy the convalescent version of your holiday (yup... reading, blogging and pottering about sound just as good as skiing!)

  16. Oh, poor you. Hope you feel better soon, or at least enjoy the convalescent version of your holiday (yup... reading, blogging and pottering about sound just as good as skiing!)


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