Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Shuttlecock!

Well since two of y'all got it I'll tell you. (My in-laws, who are Texans, are joining us in a few days so I'm practising with the "y'all".)

Badminton! I have to say, when he announced this at dinner the other night, me and the teens took about five seconds to figure out what he meant then fell about laughing.

Me: "First you catch a bat".

Man-child: "Then you knit it a teeny sweater".

Actually it's the image of 18 6-7 year olds charging around with badminton raquets that's rather worrying. Black eyes all round I think. Perhaps even more dangerous than if they were playing with hot wax and batik-ing,

And did you know that the word "shuttlecock" is met with titters and giggles here? It's just a plain "birdie".



  1. I didn't get it, but now that you've let me in, I'm laughing my arse off!!!

  2. I bought a book and a cd with classic English nursery rhymes for little L. The last song is called 'ride a cock-horse'. Ahem???

  3. Around here, the 6 year-old calls it Bad Mitten.

  4. ...and there I was thinking Batman had taken up THE craft!

  5. Haha! I've no doubt shuttlecock creates huge giggles! My 19 yr old had a fit of hysteria the other day as on BBC news someone said 'Cockermouth' (y'know..the place). So they never grow up!

  6. I just thought you had been on the sherry- now I understand

  7. Bat knitting! Ha ha

    And I didn't know that about a shuttlecock. I think you've just saved me some embarrassment somewhere down the line.


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