Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is it any wonder?

Yesterday morning as I left the house to take the Little Guy to school at 8am, I had:

- reminded the Queenager to take her violin and something to do with college applications
- woken up the Man-child. Twice.
- packed the Man-child's lunch, reminded him to take his viola and his key
- packed Little Guy's lunch, plus library book and book report, classroom water bottle (washed) and snow pants
- put a load of washing in
- read all my e-mails

I also had to take with me:
- one bag of books for the used book sale
- four bags of junk for the school garage/jumble sale
- three boxes of junk for the school garage/jumble sale
- a letter to a high school admin person re college applications
- a birthday present for friend I was having lunch with straight after a full morning volunteering at school

Is it any wonder I forgot:
- lipstick (for tarting face up for lunch)
- to phone dentist to rearrange kid appointment
- magazine with possibile wedding venues for friend with engaged daughter
- phone (had to go back for that)

No. I know.



  1. Wow. Even with the forgotten items you still sound SO ORGANISED. Please tell me you shouted at least once at one or more people before you left the house. Please.

  2. Now this may sound like sour grapes, but I was up at five this morning. Cleared last night's fire and set another one, got self ready and out of house, set off 6am, got petrol,drove over a hundred miles and started at a teambuilding event for ten people at 9am.
    Now-that deserves a bloody medal. And now I am knackered and in need of wine...zzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. My list just gets longer and longer by the day .... Lx

  4. I'm usually up at 6.00am and I have everything packed in my bag the night before... still it doesn't stop me forgetting to take said bag with me on more than a few occasions. Maybe I should get up later and that way I would be more awake!

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  6. Too many spelling mistakes...

    5 and 6 in the morning the middle of the night for me. No way.
    I am fairly organised and try to get a lot of things in their place the night before, but apparently sandwiches made 16 hours before they are consumed are "gross".

  7. With all that going on, I'm impressed you even got out of the house with all!

  8. I used to be like this. Now I have difficulty remember to put on both earrings for a day in the office. Which is about the only thing I have to remember of a morning. You made me laugh as always.

    Helena xx

  9. That's very funny. I am sitting here laughing, really.

  10. You remembered the important thing...... like your key!
    Phew! you are busy though.

    Nuts in May

  11. one of the joys of being a mother.....I am an early riser and can get a day's work done before 9am. However I am in bed by 9pm....exhausted!!

    Gill in Canada

  12. I am just after 6am but still seem to run out of time! A womans work eh!

  13. A lipstick? Sounds so familiar, but can't recall...

  14. God, you make it all sound so easy depite the few small 'forgets'. I hope I'll be that efficient when mine are that size...

  15. A big blackboard in the kitchen helps - when we remember to look at it.
    I would love to go to bed earlier (without getting up any earlier) but the teens roam around the house and generally pester me till way past my bedtime. Pah!

  16. I forget to close the front door when I leave. Hubby gets a bit annoyed.

  17. I stayed in bed until nine this morning! (Not the usual on a Thursday.) I sympathise hugely with you, though.


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