Friday, March 5, 2010

Why does....

...... the Ball & Chain, when he decides to go to bed, put all the lights out in the house. Even when I'm sitting at the computer in the basement and he walks past me on his way up?

...... the phone always ring when I've just put it back in its cradle and walked off as far away as it's possible to get?

...... the phone always ring when I've given up waiting for the plumber/doctor/school to call back amd stepped into the shower for five minutes?

...... my mother seem totally tech-savvy enough to send me utterly frivolous e-mails, no matter how complicated, yet can't fathom her photo printer and the Help pages. Little Guy's too-full after dinner tummy always have room for dessert if it's going?

......the person asking what I, or the kids, want for Xmas or birthday, always then completely ignore suggestions? cell phone allow me to receive texts in the house, yet not send my reply back?

......everyone tell me how pleasant and polite my children are? Do they save up the lip and selective hearing just for me? fridge door stop closing properly two days after my five-year extended warranty has expired?

What's that saying? "What doesn't kill you only makes you stonger"?



  1. We have a saying "Life is a Bitch." You just validated it. ;-)

  2. Those are all so very very true and exceptionally fustrating! :D

  3. and why does nobody just 'drop in' after you've cleaned everywhere, but then decide to do just that when you're slobbing about having a day off?

  4. Yep, that fridge door is annoying!! That always happens here too, the warranty runs out and something breaks. Arrgghhh

    CJ xx

  5. I know re the Fridge problem: they have a super secret manufacturing consipriacy all over the world which inolves a small RFID chip that can be triggered from HQ to instigate after warranty break downs....actually that really does sound sane doesn't it?

  6. Wrong saying ( :

    You are looking for:

    Sod's Law

  7. Now let's look on the bright side:

    Think of all those things that always are/go right!

    Nah, not as much fun.

  8. How about the way you always meet the fabulously smart woman from work or the school gate on the day you are wearing the jeans with a stain and have ignored the little internal voice telling you that your hair needed washing?

  9. Sod - one of my fave words and not understood over here!

  10. I think the saying is, "That which does not kill me merely puts off the inevitable." ;)

  11. Oh, the phone. And they always call at naptime just as I was about to do something I wanted to do. All by my lonesome. That is why I usually sound annoyed on the phone...because I AM!

  12. Shoot, we just got a new fridge. Should I start the countdown?

  13. Life does that. My ball and chain does the same thing with the lights too. Must be a male thing.

  14. See, I'd love a husband who puts the lights off. Ideally not one who left me in total darkness of course, but mine puts all lights on and leaves them on. It must cost us a fortune. If I'm first out of the house, when I get back all lights will be on, even in rooms nobody needed to go into.

    As for the phone, you could just do what we do and keep it permanently on answerphone. That way we know we have 7 rings to get to it if we want to, but we're equally free to ignore it if we're busy. We also pay to have Caller ID, which is a godsend if it's the mother in law, who always seems to ring just as dinner is about to be dished up.

    And surely every knows that pudding has a separate stomach compartment? It's medically proven, I'm sure of it...

  15. Oh dear, I do number 1 to my poor husband. It's a control thing I think ;-)
    All the rest - totally agree!

  16. you're right it is sod's law.....and I have the been there done that t-shirt to prove it...

    Gill in Canada


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