Saturday, April 10, 2010

A few things

Just a few things to tell you:

Melissa, over at Smitten by Britain is having a kitten (sorry - couldn't resist that) because she's switched her blog over to Wordpress and apparently lost a ton of followers in the process. If you were following her and now don't seem to be getting updated posts, or if you would like to follow her, she says:

Ask any of my followers to make sure they are seeing my latest updates in Blogger Dashboard or Google Reader and if not, please re-follow me by adding the following URL:

If using Blogger:

If using Google Reader:

Secondly, Eddie Bluelights is very kindly roasting me this weekend, so do pop over to his lovely blog and have a look-see. He has a great interviewing style.

And apologies to everyone I usually visit. It's a bit crazy in the Expat household at the moment (high school college visits, testing etc.) so my energies have been elsewhere. The kids go back to school on Tuesday so I hope to get round to everyone's blogs and have a natter.



  1. Garsh, you've been very busy then. Feel bad for adding to your worries. Much appreciated though.

  2. Just come over from Eddie's place and was delighted to see you being roasted. I like to meet new people but get quite excited if it is someone that I know.
    Thought it was a very good interview. Hope you get thousands of comments and sell thousands of extra books!!!!!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. I Hope you sell thousands more books as well. My commission rate is . . . . LOL
    Great to have you on the show - would be nice to get a lot more comments the interview deserves. Thanks ~ Eddie

  4. Hello! I'm visiting from Eddie's place!! You have done a fabulous roast! You are so warm and personable...I felt like I was sitting down to a cuppa with an old friend! So delighted to meet you!! I look forward to reading more of your work! ~Janine XO


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