Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miami Vice

So, I'm back from a long, long weekend with girlfriends in South Beach, Miami. Or "SoBe" if you're hip and cool. Three friends flew in from London and another came down from New York. I swear we spent the entire five days (I know!) laughing and taking the mick* out of each other. Oh I do miss a healthy dose of sarcasm now and then.

* - to mock, tease, ridicule or scoff

The flight down was interesting as the cabin temperature was somewhere in the sub zero range, and since it was quite a new plane, there were no little knobs you could turn to direct the icy blast elsewhere. Then I realised why. Apparently on May 1st, American Airlines stopped giving out free blankets. They are now $8 ("But yours to keep, ma'am"). Bit of a coincidence that isn't it?

We stayed in a house about a mile from South Beach itself. Very nice - big pool, big bedrooms, huge screen to watch the French Open on first thing in the morning. I had been going for hotels, but it being Memorial Day weekend, they were solidly booked.

At least I assumed it was booked up because of Memorial Day, but being not-in-the-know where these things are concerned, I was totally unaware that it was also Hip Hop Weekend. Oh yes.  The entire area was packed to the gills with young hip hop fans and flashy, pimped out cars. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb.

We spent most of our time acting like our mothers, or even our grandmothers - pointing out girls that we deemed too scantily clad, (fishnet dresses with thong underwear anyone?) and laughing at the young men whose trousers were hitched so low that you could see all of their not-very-white boxer shorts and the belts were literally below their buttock cheeks. I mean, how do they keep them up? And more to the point - Why? I don't know one female of any age who thinks it's attractive, so why so they do it?

We went on a Duck tour through the streets and then down onto the water, where we oggled at all the really posh, fancy houses.  And then we all really dated ourselves again when we saw this house:

Anyone remember Miami Vice on telly?

Who was your personal fave? Don Johnson or Philip Michael Thomas?



  1. It sounds like you had a blast. Once a year 'The Fluffs' and I -4 women total, get away from life as we know it, usually in Europe, and have a long weekend and do just what you did.
    Good on you! x

  2. Its good to have these girly does and giggle fit to bust. Bet it did you the power of good.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Wow, that sounds like people watching at its best! Sounds like a fantastic weekend, I'm very envious!

    Didn't watch Miami Vice, but yes, I'm old enough to remember it.

  4. Sounds fab fun, but OMG what an opportunity you missed.

    "Pants on the ground,
    Pants on the ground,
    looking like a fool with ya pants on the ground!"

    C'mon if I can shout it across a WalMart car park at some idiot (much to Hubsters horror), then you could have sang it out loud!

  5. Believe me Sarah - we were all over it. Again, showing our age though.

  6. Mmm, a long weekend with friends... no, can't even imagine what that's like. :-)

  7. Oh gawd! That's as bad as motorcycle week at the beach but with more flab.

    Don Johnson naturally. Where is he anyway?

  8. "how do they keep them up?"

    More poignantly, why bother at all when they cannot even walk and seem to adopt a roly-poly swagger that entails swinging legs out at a right angle from below the knee in order to take a single step forward?


    LCM x

  9. Your weekend sounds fantastic - although did you manage to avoid 7.00am yoga on the beach? The kids with the trousers hanging around their arse thing just makes me laugh! I so get the urge to yank them down and then run off...not that I would do that you understand? x

  10. I don't get hip hop and I don't get low-slung trousers...I'm definitely getting old!

    Apart from the sight of all those dodgy pants, South Beach sounds fab!


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