Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sit with me, sit with me

Ok, ok, it's not a competition. Apparently I'm hosting a lunch table at the CyberMummy conference on July 3rd. My "theme" is "Finding blog/life balance" so I'm hoping to learn a lot from anyone who has anything to say on the matter. I have a hard time finding any kind of balance never mind just with blogging.

As I said, it's not a competition. I won't be glancing at name badges to see who's walking past my table to join Di from PowderRoomGrafitti at the humo(u)r table or Iota at the Anonymity table. Really. I won't hold it against you and I'll still read your blogs.

So I'm busily getting ready for my one week SOLO trip to London next week. (SOLO - meaning on my own. No kids. For a whole week.) Well, "getting ready" is a bit of a stretch. The suitcase has been yanked down from the top of the linen cupboard and placed on my bedroom floor. I stare at it thoughtfully when I pass it and thoughtfully think "I must start putting outfits together." Needless to say, an under-abundance of mis-matched items will be flung into it the night before, and I will have to go out shopping when I get to London. What a shame.

 I have spied conversations on the BMB ning site about what people are planning to wear during the day and then for the socializing afterwards. What? People are changing outfits? Oh no.  (Thought bubble - Stick to your original plans you wimp - you're not changing unless you spill something down your front.)

"Getting ready" in my lexicon means ensuring things will run smoothly during my absence.  As any mother who's daring to take off on her own knows, sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth. This time, it's almost that much trouble, and my to-do list goes something like:

- get key cut for dog lady
- leave payment for dog lady
- get key cut for child minder (because of course, the Queenager is off on a month's residential fling so no free babysitting)
- leave payment for childminder
- pack Queenager's suitcase
- photocopy all relevant health forms for Queenager
- drive Queenager to Northwestern University campus
- organise car pool for Man-child's three days at Rock School Boot Camp
- make sure there's packed lunch stuff for man-child's lunches
- fill the fridge and freezer
- print off CyberMummy ticket (where the hell did I file that?)
- entertain mother for part of each day
- assemble examples of written work for meeting with london agent
- change bed linens for arrival of friend's son in my absence
- remind the Ball & Chain to pick up said teen from airport
- buy dogfood
- give dog flea and tick treatment
- organize lift/ride for man-child's baseball game which co-incides with my flight check in time
- pack

Forgot to mention that the Ball & Chain will not even be in the country during my last few days here. Oh no. That would be far too straightforward. He is actually coming back from an international  business trip an hour after I take off.

Aaghh....I will do what I always do when faced with such an Everest. Lie down and read.



  1. have a great time ,would have loved to come but the price tag was too prohibitive for me l'm afraid.

    expecting a FULL reportage...

    saz x

  2. Pah! You should've tried for a sponsored spot. Will miss you and have a drink for you.

  3. God - we have to print off a TICKET? That on it's own sounds far too organised for me... (As for getting changed, you are kidding - right? Oh. Blast).

  4. must admit, I & another blogger had a bit of a giggle about the whole "what are you wearing, are you changing?" discussion on BMB. Just not on my radar! isn't that what teenagers say to each other before the disco? As for changing. Why?........

  5. p.s looking forward to meeting you:o) Don't care what you're wearing!

  6. oh i can relate on so many levels: the queenager's summer plans, entertaining mom in the midst of several million demands pulling at your psyche, generally setting up the household to run smoothly in your absence...but it will all go swimmingly thanks to your foresight, so have a great time at the conference!

  7. So can I sit between tables so I can chat with you and Di and Iota? As for clothes I'm thinking I'll wear smart dress jeans, tshirt and jacket. And knickers. Maybe?

  8. Have a great time.
    Weather is good this week.

    Sounds complicated you fights missing like that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. ohmigod you sound way too organised... now my office is in the most monumental tip the school is demanding payment I can't remember if I've told charlie where I am going and not to wait up, I have yet to meet my dealine and as for chnaging attire during the day...please if I manage to brush my hair and arrive on time wearing clothes that actually match well that WILL be a miracle!!!
    Just decided to add abother thing to your liost obviously if you are bored a tag for an interrogation: well you will have that long flight...see you!!!!

  10. Bother. Was hoping you'd come and sit on my table.

    Is it a sneaky ploy to separate the expats, do you think?

  11. I'm tired just reading your to do list - I can't go as no-one here to look after the fort, but hope y'all have a great time!

  12. I'm tired just reading your to do list - I can't go as no-one here to look after the fort, but hope y'all have a great time!

  13. Thanks for the reminder to printout my ticket! That reminds me...must buy ink for the printer.

    Your to do list has me exhausted and I've not even started mine but then I'm only going for the day.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

  14. I couldn't read past the word SOLO! What's that like? Lucky, lucky, lucky! Have a blast! Wish I could go. *sigh*

  15. heh heh- good to see our family has two spots on your to do list. Happy to add to the mayhem my friend, and you know how much it is appreciated. I know you will have a ball XX

  16. With you in spirit - save a mental spot on your table for me. Solo and UK have such a good ring as words linked together- only those who have done long haul flights clutching numerous small children can understand the joys of the single person check in. Enjoy every moment.

  17. have a great time, but good God your life sounds crazy!!

    Gill in Canada

  18. The only 'change' I will be making will be to take my clothes off and get in to bed. My own, that is.

    Unless Daniel Craig turns up.

    LCM x

  19. That is a heck of a list. I live in London, so not much of a trek for me to get to CyberMummy, but could you send the list to my husband so he knows what to do on Saturday?


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