Friday, July 9, 2010

Cyber Mummy and other stuff

So I spent last week in London ON MY OWN. (Sorry but after 20 years of marriage, three kids and a dog, "on my own" doesn't even happen when I'm on the loo!)

It's a large milestone since I started at Bristol uni (No - I'm not going to say the exact number, thank you), so I had a few reunions. On the Friday night, I went to a fab restaurant called Momo's on Heddon Street (off Regent St.) where I was over-poured, and guaranteed a Cyber Mummy hangover. The highlight of the evening was when my mate T fell over just as we had hailed her a cab, and the cab driver wouldn't take her because, as he put it "she's out of her head". (How Ab Fab is that?) Now, truth be told, she had downed quite a lot of wine in quite a short space of time, but she has two slightly gammy hips. When she falls, it's not the simplest thing in the world for her to get up even when she's sober. It didn't help that I was bent double laughing at her, and of no assistance at all. We were all taken back to our uni days however, when our very sensible (and sober) friend S said "Now stand up and don't fall over, there's another taxi coming". Didn't we all just fall about laughing again? Ah, - good times, in a very Patsy and Edina kind of way.

There's a lot been said about Cyber Mummy so I won't add much except to say it really was great to meet the people I've been tagging, advising, admiring, - you name it. When Tattie and LadyBird World Mother came and sat next to me at lunch time it was just like greeting old friends; Lulu from Family Affairs and I bonded over our mutual cluelessness about Search Engine thingies. We talked about her ex's marriage to her boyfriend's ex (which was happening that day) and discovered, of course, that we have a friend in common. Failed to win the pub quiz with the lovely Tim from Bringing up Charlie, among others, (awful photo of me up on his blog BTW), before having a great meal with Potty, Pig in the Kitchen, the lovely Iota and my mate Di. Can't remember exactly what we talked about because it was less about the talk and more about sitting with fab women of like mind and humour. Good times.

I met Sian To and Alpha Mummy's Jen Howze last year at the BlogHer conference, where the germ for CyberMummy was born. Although I have corresponded with Susanna quite a few times, it was so nice to finally meet her and to see the other two again. Fantastic job ladies.

Well done.



  1. It was so lovely to meet so many people. I'm sad we didn't get more of a chance to catch up properly, I kept seeing you across the room!

    Your Friday night sounds fab and what a treat! A whole week on your own! Sounds marvellous. x

  2. Im just wondering if you were Patsy or Edina? And does S stand for Saffy?? Very funny image!

  3. I see I'm going to have to do a lot of reading to catch up. I will. Hello. :)

  4. Loved finally meeting you too and just wanted to say that we had more fun than you at our dinner.

    Or so they tell me (I am not typing this, my fingers have been appropriated by the dastardly Vegemite Vixens... oh, sorry, you're a member too aren't you?).


    Hugs & kisses
    LCM x

  5. It was great to meet you - glad to hear that you enjoyed Cybermummy. The falling over bit though sounds like even more fun. How very 'British uni' of you.

  6. certainly sound as if you had loads of fun! Sounds marvellous and Ab Fab!

    Aw pet...thanks for your comment over at mine...I often think about packing in the blogging..but no..I enjoy it too much. It's just that I am so rubbish at posting comments these days. I'm trying to redeem my ways.

    Have you been following all the events over at Rothbury?

  7. That sounded like real fun! Glad you met up with so many other lovely bloggers.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. I laughed so hard at the taxi moment with your friends. how fabulous!

  9. It all sounds very fab!! Wish I could have gone. Are you going to Blogher this year?

    And, yeah -- I know what you mean about not even being able to go to the loo in peace.

  10. Ah pet - it was great to spend some time with you once again - and I have to say I was hugely impressed with your party stamina on consecutive nights! There's life in the old girl yet!

  11. A week on your own! That sounds fun but I bet you kissed the rabble too. Glad you had fun. X

  12. You are making me quite jealous that I didn't go! Maybe next time I'll pluck up the courage.

  13. echoing Di's comment, I was impressed at how compos mentis you were with a raging hangover! Pig x


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