Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playdates - best keep out of it.

My teens are gone this week leaving the 7 year old with his boring old parents and the trusty mutt. It really is quiet around here. Last night at dinner, he looked from me to the Ball & Chain then back again. "Is this what it's going to be like when they're at college" he asked, with a deep sigh.

This afternoon thank goodness, he has a playdate - a classmate he's very fond of and who's in a different day camp. They were delighted to see each other and set about playing "Action Heroes" before I'd even finished chatting to his mother at the front door. 

"Right", I thought, "I'll just let them get on with it and use the time to blog get things done. Besides, they don't need me to supervise the play at their age."

So I'm sitting here, in the same room but with my back to them. Just listening to them negotiate the game is bloody exhausting. How they haven't punched each other is beyond me but every time I tell them to stop fighting they look at me in disbelief and declare that they're not fighting.

"Now I use my power to destroy the rest of him", says one.
"No, you can't, that's not in the rules", replies t'other.
Quick and loud revision of the rules for the next five minutes.


"Remember, you can't see through that". (I resisted the temptation to turn round and see what "that" was.)
"I don't care. I can see through it".


"You can only have two weapons by the way", reminds one.
"No, the other two are extras" replies two.
"Oh yeah, I forgot", says one.

See what I mean? Can you imagine going out for a drink with your mates and having to debate every single thing you say. I would be in tears before the second round.

The boys then decided to move the game upstairs to his bedroom.  As they mounted the stairs I yelled after them - "Try not to fight please".

Came the reply (in unison) - "We'll try".

Oh well. At least they're out of earshot and I can un-hunch my shoulders now!


  1. The things they get up to!
    Rules change by the minute.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. good practice for marriage me thinks!

  3. good practice for marriage me thinks!

  4. We had a playdate this afternoon - 2 boys in addition to my two - and they spent the whole time fighting. I am so used to it now that I only go and intervene if someone is virtually bleeding...

  5. Just be pleased that the boys are actually communicating verbally. A valuable skill in any world, hero or real.

  6. Oh that's true - last week the teen and friend sat side by side for hours doing X Box stuff, in complete silence.

  7. I forgot how much stress was involved being the mother of a seven year old boy.

  8. I think if going for a drink involved this much debate, I would be sat in a corner with my own bottle of wine, happily minding my own business!

    I obviously have this to look forwards to with my 2 boys and their friends....

  9. My son said just the same thing this evening! "I'll try." Points for honesty, I suppose.

  10. Oh the joys of young children. I think the leaders of the world should watch young children and learn the true art of negotiating......

    Gill in Canada

  11. I tell my daughter (10) 'now behave and remember your manners' when she goes to play at a friend's house, and she always says 'I'll try' in response which drives me insane!
    'No - it's not an option, you WIll behave and have good manners, OK?'
    'Yeah, I'll try'..
    and so it goes on. At least they're trying, I guess! and if she's at someone elses house, it means I can get in with work/blogging I care?!!(only kidding - manners are a must)

  12. Too bad they don't come with a manual. I am sure that would help me. The rules seem to change by the moment with my 2 girls!

  13. Hi - just home from Florida after a brilliant 2.4 weeks! Thanks for your comments - little E made two friends called Cydney and, once I'm unpacked and sorted, I should be able to find their contact details and will let you know how they spell their names! Promise! Give me a day to catch up !xx

  14. I'm not sure what is worse - having seven year olds attempting to play together, or a seven year old girl saying I'm bored all the time! And this in only the first week of the summer holidays!


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