Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Despicable Me

When oh when will these dim-witted celebs learn to keep their mouths shut?

This one's a doozie as she'd have me and many others thrown in jail for it.

Pop over to PowderRoomGrafitti to see what I'm on about.


  1. I posted that story on FB yesterday and some folks got really cheesed off. Personally, I think Giselle needs to mind her own business.

  2. I'm always dismayed when powerful women, who have the potential to do something great for womenkind, say something idiotic. She's a great example.

  3. Even in Third World countries without breast pumps, not all women are able to breastfeed. In countries where no other options are available, "breastmilk mothers" are used--in other words, another woman who does have milk breastfeeds the child and sells her services. I think there also used to be women doing this in Britain and America 100 years ago.

    Mary M., of Expat Abroad

  4. I read her comments in the Metro the other day and they made me so angry (like many others, it seems). With my first baby I was so dead set on breastfeeding that I went through agony and would cry every time I knew my son was awake and hungry. Eventually after a month, and mastitis in both breasts, a staph infection, and cracked nipples, I couldn't face it. I felt so guilty about quitting that I spent the next 6 weeks expressing milk round the clock to feed my son. I spent more time in 24 hrs expressing than sleeping! Pure insanity. Spurred on by comments like this woman's.


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