Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Two and It's Back to Normal

So Monday was our first real day back at school. (We have a lot of orientation and visitey things before actually getting down to it.) I was surprised at how well everyone functioned, myself included.

Day two - different story. 

First off, the Ball & Chain got up at 6am for an 8am meeting 40 miles away. For me, that hour is crucial to everyone's health and happiness, but I managed to go back to sleep for an hour.

7am - actually avoided physical contact with the Snooze button seeing as I was now the only responsible adult in the house.
Pulled on workout clothes (Oh, yes.) Brushed teeth. Avoided mirror.
Woke up Little Guy who had had difficulty getting to sleep due to motion sickness caused by over-use of new spining thing on school playgroud. (Note to teacher - he needs a day away from it.)

7.10am - Downstairs, via teens' rooms to make sure they're up. Grunts from both "Roger that".
Let dog out. Let dog in. Let dog out.
Put out dog's food.

7.15am - Realized owl hooting was dog trying to get back in. Kids fought over who should let her in. I shouted. Breakfast was thereafter eaten in silence.

7.20am - Made up packed lunches. Included delicious home-made apple/pear concotion mixed with vanilla yogurt. Sure to impress new teachers.

7.30am - Berated teen who put breakfast dish in d/w amongst clean stuff. Cloud of dust as said teen vanished in case asked to empty d/w.

7.40am - Queenager left for school. A full half hour early, but she has an exam and wants a good seat. (?)

7.45am - Little Guy brushed teeth and debated the merits and demerits of wearing same socks as yesterday because it was "too far" to his bedroom. Couldn't be bothered to argue.

7.50am - Berated same teen for not taking dog round the block. Expressed little sympathy in the medical condition of "extreme fatigue" (brought on by farting around instead of going to bed).

8.00am - Tempted to ignore phone call from Queenager "about violin" left on chair. Was assured that this won't happen for the rest of the school year. Even the Little Guy said "Oh yeah - can't wait to see that."

8.03am - Scrambled for shoes, backpack, lunch, jacket, sunglasses, phone, keys, violin, tissues (allergy season), hairbrush,. ("I don't care if Justin Bieber's hair is in his face, I'm brushing yours".)

8.05am - Left for school. Uneventful.

8.20am - Returned home. Ignored dishes on counter top. Let dog out again.

Blogged till 9am. (Tweetdeck doesn't help in getting things accomplished I have to say.)

9am-10am - Despite previous post, took dog out for an hour, trying to train her to "Heel". She's fine until she sees a squirrel so I need to find another route which avoids all trees. Pah!

And so it goes on......



  1. I only have a third of this trouble, or maybe only a quarter as I haven't got a dog either.

    Am still straightening my sons' hair in the morning for him, he checks in mirror, tells me I've missed a bit, I do it again, still not perfect, I clonk him on head with straighteners....

  2. Apostrophe in wrong place in sons'. Should be son's. These things annoy me. I couldn't just leave it.

  3. Your house sounds remarkably like mine, especially the shouting before breakfast bit. I was hoping they might improve by age but if this is anything to go by I think it is going to get worse! Here's hoping the dog behaves, I think that's my best shot!

    And as you say, so it goes on...

  4. Husband has just departed for 10 days, 3 separate school projects on go including one that involves building futuristic house to scale - if I see one more matchstick, opened glue left to turn hard or clay egg sofa I will scream and scream until I am sick - whereupon Drama Queen will step over me in search of something to hold up curving plastic walls of her creation. Let me know top tips/bribes on emptying DW front.

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  6. love it!

    my house is a lot less like this now that my babies are older, with one in college and the other getting herself up and out in the morning. It's what we aim for, but you know what? I miss all the craziness, when I was essential to things working, and sometimes they didn't.

    enjoy, enjoy.

  7. I actually had to wake up both children this morning as they were fast asleep a good half hour before they had to leave for school. All was going OK until I noticed that the water bottle I was planning to give LB2 this term had inexplicably grown mould over the last month....

  8. I REALLY love my quiet house.

  9. I couldnt decide which time to laugh at the hardest.I can visualise it all. But I think the 7.30am /dishwasher incident is probably the best.

  10. Love the nicknames you have for everyone. Very clever


  11. love the bit about the queenager going to school early for the exam, did you ever find out the while story?

  12. Sounds like the dog is at least asking to go out to wee and poop now, or are you just being vigilant in her training?! Pity it's not as easy to teach our kids how to empty the dishwasher or even to make their bed. I only have one at home, but do have a needy dog who is a bit of a drama queen (sorry, king) and two very demanding cats, so my mornings are slightly manic too. Had to rush to school this am with violin (20 min drive each way) and she, like yours, promised it would never happen again. Hmm. As my eldest now lives in London, I do miss his hustle bustle around the house so much so I'm tempted to say enjoy the stress while they are there! No? !!

    Thanks for your great comments on mine xx

  13. Jo - He does that every time. Usually follows with "Oh....are they clean or dirty?" Grrr.

    Susanna - Apparently she wanted a seat nearer the window (for good light). It's an old building but they do have lightbulbs??!!??

    Diney - 2nd violin day and guess what's sitting in the hall? I am tempted to leave it there but she's had a week of exams and is a tad stressed. Bless.

  14. It does go on, doesn't it?

    Is it really shameful that I did the same thing this morning when my son was too lazy to go and get clean underpants? He did have clean socks...

  15. You are so very reassuring. I smiled and nodded all the way through this. We don't have a dog but we have enough kids that I think we make up for it. I haven't managed to teach any of them to heel yet.

    I put workout clothes on in the morning so I am 'ready to rock and roll' as soon as everyone is off to work/school. Also to demonstrate that 'Im serious about working out, look at me all dressed for it.' Then I get distracted and on more than one occasion my daughter has asked me on the afternoon school run 'mum why are you still wearing your workout clothes?' Uhm...


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