Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paring Down - continued

Well, I say "continued" as if I've made any headway. What I have decided to do however, is use things up before I buy replacements. No more stocking up at Costco as there clearly isn't an Apocalypse on the horizon and with a corner shop less that fifty yards from my house, I'm hardly going to be really stuck for anything.
How many of you have more than one face cream/cleanser on the go? Hmmm, thought so. I knew I couldn't be the only one who doesn't finish the jar of night cream completely before opening the one I was suckered into buying because of its patented anti-something ingredients. It's not that I don't use everything up - eventually, it's just that well, I don't know. I like variety I suppose.

I am also going to refrain from buying any more Ziplock bags until I have worked my way through the FIVE boxes I already have. Why do I buy them every time I go shopping? It's not as if I even use them that much since, in an effort to be green, I wrap the boys' sandwiches in empty cereal bags.

As for gift bags - well, it might help if I actually gave them away with the gifts, but no - I keep them for something special. How insulting is that to the recipients of my presents? "I'm not going to use the really nice, sparkly gift bag for you. You can have a plain one and I'll just put a nice bow on it."

And fake tan? I have four tubes of fake tan in my closet. As we know - most of them can take on a slightly orange tint, so we're always on the lookout for the one that looks natural. Given that three of the four fake tans are presumably inferior, shouldn't I have just chucked them out? What the heck am I keeping them for? And now, of course, I can't remember which one is the good one. Pah!

Stain removers are another problem - I have about three or four in my laundry cupboard, meaning that most of them aren't removing anything. Let's face it - once your clothes have gone through the dryer not even straight bleach gets a stain out. Hopefully I won't have enough stains to get through my supply in the near future, but I shall pledge not to buy any more this decade.

So peeps - what is your guilty hoarding secret?



  1. Dave has a thing about having enough food in the house to last us for a month in case of.. well.. something I guess. Anyway, we have more bags of rice in our cupboards than most of Thailand put together.

  2. I usually buy enough breakfast cereal at a time at BJ's to last us 6 months, but with the problem we've been having recently with mice in the house, I've let our stocks run down!

  3. Hahahahaha! I love this, I have just been to Costco for the first time (in the UK) and I was sooooo tempted to buy LOTS. I did buy two giant bags of large marshmallows for campfires (sorry, I know you have a thing about them) and a bumper box of Ziplocks I admit. We cant get hem here otherwise and they are just so superior. Now the giant box is sitting like a Big Thing In The Way in the middle of the utility room. Thank God I didn't splurge on the loo roll.

    My Armageddon supply is baked beans. I always have too many tins of those, just in case.

  4. Ha! I do that with creams - I never quite finish one before I am duped into buying another. As for stain removers, I keep buying them too in the vain hope that one will actually work, but they are all useless. And I never had this problem in the UK!

  5. Ritz crackers. I always buy Ritz crackers. I have a couple of spare boxes all the time, and then I always buy more. Perhaps it's because deep down I'm so pleased to be able to buy them here, and feel I must stock up, just in case it's an ephemeral luxury.

    Cleaning materials too. I always have a few on the go at the same time.

  6. "I shall pledge not to buy any more..."

    Was that an intentional cleaning pun?!

  7. Guilty hoarding secret...just about anything! I need a good clearout..I keep telling an organised friend that she could give herself a job...just sorting people's houses out.

    Boo hoo! I typed a load of stuff which has just disappeared:

    but stationary is my main guilty hoarding secret. Love the stuff!

  8. PWN - me too, but my rice is usually stuff that I don't even like.

    AA - breakfast cereal lasts about 5 minutes here. I can't keep up.

    Michelloui - shudders at the mere suggestion of marchmallows. And it's smores season here. Ugh!

    NVG - I know. Nothing seems clean does it?

    Iota - we're the same but with boring Triscuits.

    Trish - I did, but couldn't remember if Pledge was US, UK or both. Seems it's both.

    HT - oh yes. And the stupid thing is, once again, I "keep it" for a special occasion so no one ever gets it. Pah!

  9. Spelling mistake...should have been "stationery". Cor blimey...I think I am losing my marbles. (I keep the best stuff for me too. :))

  10. I am a hoarder of stationary, plastic bags and ziploc bags. I can't bring myself to throw any of them away.

  11. Notebooks and pen, I have so many it is ridiculous! I have a drawer full of pen and notebooks in all my bags and all over my desk. I am actually starting to think that therapy wouldn't be such a bad thing...

  12. Can you send me some of your surplus Ziplock bags? :) They're one of the few things I miss from the States and I haven't managed to find anything even close to their quality in the UK.

  13. Weetabix, toilet roll and tinned tomatoes - I have stacks of each. It's not so much intentional hoarding, more a loathing of making shopping lists.

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