Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paring Down

Still in the general mood of shaking things up, I'm also going to pare down. That usually translates as mom in a bad mood running around the house, binning anything that isn't in its proper place. This time however, I am adopting a calmer, methodical approach.

So far I have -

- looked through a pile of old handbags, and put most of them back. Three of them are clutch bags from the 1980's (I know), but they seem to be back in fashion and you just never know.......

- resisted the urge to keep two table cloths that although too small for my table, are very nice. Going to the garage/jumble sale.

- decided that one can never have too many knives and forks. For some reason I seem to have about 4 sets of cutlery/silverware all in the kitchen drawer. (God knows, I am hardly known as an entertainer of crowds.) I have sorted them out and put two sets away in plastic bags in case, erm, someone comes in the middle of the night and steals the ones still in the drawer.

- organised all my crafty stuff. Since I started blogging and pretending to writing more, I don't do nearly as much sewing, knitting and sticking things together in an artful kind of way. I'm not throwing anything out though because I am known for being able to throw together a costume or school project at the 11th hour, courtesy of my fabulous collection of feathers and fabric.

- thrown out all of the kids' last year's school work. Why they are sent home with it in the first place is beyond me.  Even the cute 6 year old stuff gets put in a big plastic container never to be seen again.I used to keep the Queenager's work in case the Man-child ever needed it to copy as reference (they tend to cover the same things), but I usually forget where it is, or (more probably) just forget about it entirely. Easier if everything just gets re-cycled.

- sorted out the gloves and mittens. That black one with the pink sparkles at the wrist doesn't fit either of the females in this house. Besides, I'm kidding myself to think that its mate will turn up after 8 years.

- put all five kitchen aprons in the laundry to give to charity. Who am I fooling to think I ever need one?
Very cleansing.

So how are you doing?



  1. Kudos to you for the effort, but it doesn't sound all that successful, does it?

  2. In my own fit of organisation I got both Boys to try on their snow gear (yes, it's getting THAT cold here) to check it still fits. Thank god, it does. And as for your lost glove? You know it's going to turn up now that you've thrown out the one you had, don't you?

  3. Nora - that's bloody brilliant for me!

    PM - I know, but at least now they don't fit!

  4. Ha! I'm also trying to get rid of some table cloths. I have thrown out about 1/5th of them, but should be more ruthless. I have made about five trips to the recycling shop already, though, and a couple to the tip.

    But I do have a broken bike in my hallway. Oops.

  5. Well done you. I've been trying to pare down and organize but then I see a new top or dress I like and hey presto I'm back to where I was. Wish I hated shopping! LOL

  6. In a moment of enthusiasm, I got rid of the entire contents of my crafts drawer and I have regretted it ever since.
    There are fancy dress outfits to be made for the girls every now & then as well as a hundred & one things that I could have done with those scraps.
    Hope you don't regret what you are throwing out!
    Had to laugh at the cutlery. That is just how we are and crockery too!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. So far I have 3 bags of clothes to re-cycle or give to the charity shop.

  8. But you KNOW what's going to turn up within the next week. That glove.

  9. But you KNOW what's going to turn up within the next week. That glove.

  10. Weeding & organizing too. Isn't it hateful that the more of these sort of chores you do, the more they make? gark

  11. Are you exhausted yet?

    It's very good of you to bin the school work. I have organised it into neat piles in their rooms but it hasn't moved for weeks now.
    So, not so good.

  12. Aha! I know where to come when I get the dreaded "Your child needs a costume" letter now!


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