Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Of course, after my last post, you'll all laugh that I have been awarded this lovely Stylish Blogger award by 'Cross the Pond, but I have.  See.

Thank you sweetie.

And the rules are:

a) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
b) Share 7 things about yourself. -What, I think I gave more than enough in the last post, but, oh well...
c) Award 15 recently discovered bloggers. Hmmm, I think we'll do a free-for-all
d) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award. (Telling everyone right now.)

Seven. Things. About myself that aren't boring.

1. I am going to Ghana this summer to visit the school I help fund. I admit to being a wee bit apprehensive about this on account of a) the heat and b) the mosquitoes. I get bitten alive by anything that flies; mosquito bites seem to result in huge yellow-ish blobs and the ones in Ghana have the potential to do great harm. Eek.

2. I spend far too much time on my own during the day. One the one hand, as I've mentioned, I love it. On the other hand, I'm starting to worry myself. I have managed to arrange one lunch a week since the beginning of the year to 'get me out' as they say. I've also enrolled on a writing course for two hours on a Monday for the next eight weeks. But I'd rather not. With three kids and a dog plus a rowdy Ball & Chain (that would be sarcasm for anyone who knows him), the house is quite noisy from three o'clock onwards, so I relish the quiet time during the day. I don't play music and I don't have the TV on. That's not good is it?

3. My fave song ever is "That's Entertainment" by The Jam.

Don't quite know why I like it so much. Great melody, love the introduction and used to love Paul Weller. It also reminds me of a different time. Wouldn't necessarily want to go back there now, but it was fun.

4. I possess the most un-App'd I-Phone on the planet.  I have two apps on my phone and the kids put them both there. One is the ubiquitous Angry Birds. For the uninitiated, it's a game where players use a sling shot to launch birds (presumably the angry ones) at pigs. The other is called Fruit Ninjas or something, and the player seems to slice large bits of fruit as they fall from the sky. Both keep the 7 year old quiet when needed, so they can stay.

5. I also possess the most under-utilized I-Phone/pod. I didn't have an I-Pod before I got my I-Phone so my collection's not huge. With my first I-Phone, I had about 4 CD's on there, which I painstakingly uploaded to the computer and downloaded them back on to the phone. (Why pay to buy them when they're sitting on my shelf, right?) About 6 months ago I upgraded to the I-Phone 4 which seemed to get rid of all the tracks I'd laboriously transferred from CDs. I don't walk round listening to music so I haven't really missed anything. I currently have 2 purchased CDs on there - Sade's album "Soldier of Love" and a Debussy album. (Ah- caught you by surprise with that one, didn't I?)

6. I hate massages. I've only had one in my entire life and the fact that it involved a herbal wrap nearly had me running for the hills. Being a touch claustrophobic, the experience of having my body (including arms, if I recall) wrapped tightly in a towel makes me hyper-ventilate just remembering the incident. Factor in that the herbs they used made my eyes water but I couldn't do anything about it since my arms were trapped, and it made for one un-relaxing experience.

7. This one bears repeating - I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. No hands.

So - anyone who wants to take up this blog torch and share all, or at least 7 things - please feel free.



  1. Oooh you are talented! I have been trying to touch my nose with my tongue but failed miserably...thus I am in awe!

  2. I can't touch the tip of my nose, but I can touch my nose with my tongue. it's a work in progress....

  3. Oops, I lied. I can only touch the middle of the underside of my nose.
    Perhaps we should form a club!

  4. I only work three days a week so I understand the feeling of spending a lot of time alone. I think the weekly lunch and two hours a week in class sounds ideal.

  5. It's a family thing - my mum really can touch the tip of her nose with her tongue. My nose is big enough but tongue seems a little short.
    I mentioned on another blog this week my dislike of massages: not keen on some person I don't know getting all touchy with me.

  6. Let's face it Trish, we're not comfortable with anyone getting touchy! I blame great granny!

  7. ooh Paul Weller had a massive crush on him back in ye olden days - brilliant song! Do you remember when people in bands could actually play their own guitars? I have an ipod and never use it I'd rather listen to the voices in my head ;)

  8. I have a short tongue. I can barely cover my lip with it. Oh well...

  9. I love 'that's entertainment'. Class lyrics - slash seat affairs. I would love to do this meme but I don't have 15 new bloggers to contact. Sigh

  10. I am a bit the same. Have found myself appreciating the quiet more & more & enforced solitude from living where I do. I do like havign Me time, maybe cos I work 3 short days a wk, wch is my tonic (mch like Iota) & so my days off I love pottering. Iota & I were discussing recently what potterers we are at hme, I use my time so inefficiently. I guess I shd 'work smarter' as they say , but I hate jargon, like that; 'management babble' so I cdn't possibly do that!
    I do find tho that once everyone is home i need to talk a lot, & so we all compete for 'the talking stick' as we call it (after Ab Fab)

  11. I think you are very very cool for doing the Ghana thing. Even though it might be a bit miserable in a way. It's still a cool thing.

  12. Actually Mich it's not at all miserable, (well, apart from the weather). Although some of the kids have lost a parent to AIDS and don't have a lot, they are not starving. We manage to give them a square meal at lunchtime which is great. They are very bright kids and excellent students. (check out the web site for some great photos -
    It sounds shallow of me, but I don't think I could do what I do if the situation were really desperate.

  13. OK, thwo thoughts here. I know why you like that song. It is YOU! You are so entertaining. Also, how can you not like massages??!!!

  14. Firstly lovely to meet you. I've been tagged on this too, you've just solved my problem of who to tag ;) Love Paul Weller and haven't listened for ages because since iPods came along I have found keeping up with music a real chore.

  15. The Ghana thing sounds fascinating. I'm the same with quiet. I just want pure silence when I'm alone. As for the iPhone, I don't have any music on there at all, and I've had it for a year. I should probably do something about that, but then again I probably wouldn't ever listen to anything as I like - that's right - silence.

    The tongue thing I haven't decided is either really cool or freakish. ;-)

    I may do this sometime. Seems fun.


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