Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time Flies Doesn't It?

We're travelling back to Chicago today, Sunday. It's a two and a half our flight which seems to take all day nonetheless. A ninety minute drive down the mountain, hand the rent car in, bus to the airport, intra-terminal train to our gate, flight, half hour back to house from O'Hare airport. Easily most of the day.

The dog has been staying with the dog lady and apparently having a whale of a time. Our neighbour's dog is also there so they are now besties and she probably won't be able to sleep on her own on Sunday night. Of course, since we're flying, there has to be Plans A and B for dropping the dog off. If we're on time, we still won't get home for the 6pm last drop off so our neighbour is taking her for half an hour. If the flight is late, the dog will have to stay another night with the dog lady, making for one very sad 7 year old, but what can you do.

Don't they look like butter wouldn't melt?

Today is also the Queenager's 18th birthday. It's not such a big event in the States since kids can't legally drink till they're 21. (I know.) It's a bit of a relief to know that your child can't really go out on the lash for a while, even though I have been known to decry the age thing as "bloody ridiculous". I won't wax lyrical about her because she sometimes takes a peek at this blog and would go mad; suffice to say it's a bit sad that this is possibly the last birthday we'll have with her for a while since she'll be at college for the next four years.

That means I'll be alone with three males. Gulp.  Thank god the dog is female. I'll just have to start dressing her up like one of those crazy dog owners do.


  1. Awww, you have my sympathy. Let me know if you need some crazy stuff to dress the dog up - there's tons of that around where I live. (I think that's London and all their DINKs, going mad on the dog front.)

  2. PLEASE don't dress your dog up. I think its diabolical and possibly cruel.

    I'm sure she'll be pleased to see you all and it is great that she had such a good holiday.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. The really sad fact is our dog goes into depression when he comes back from his dog lady equivalent. Five humans obviously can't compete with a pack of canine friends on the amusement front. The good news is that after copious petting, feeding of special treats and illicit cuddling on the sofa he recovers himself - he is male after all. Read your posts and give luxurious shiver at the thought of cold as still hot and humid here.

  4. Happy birthday, wow, 18! Do you get a shiny medal for getting a kid all the way to 18 without any major mishaps? I think you should.


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