Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summer Plans-a-brewing

As usual, planning the summer is a bit of a Rubik's cube for me. This year is proving to be an even greater challenge because:-

- we don't yet know where the Queenager will be going to college. Some colleges start in August and they have to do a week long orientation before that. Fortunately, unlike her British counterparts, she will at least know where she's headed before she leaves high school. (See my current Expat Focus column for more on that.)
- we're not sure what the Man-Child's baseball/golf/rock commitments are
- my mother and her sisters are popping off to Italy just before I was planning to land in England, despite me having given her the dates months and months ago. Sigh.

Anyway, I have my ticket to CyberMummy so I'll be coming over in late June, with the kids and Ball & Chain following about 4 days later. We think. (If you look at the CyberMummy web banner, one of the fuzzy blond heads on the 2010 audience photo is moi!.)

What I do know however, is that the Queenager and I will be spending a week at "our" school in Ghana. I'm so excited, although very worried about mosquitoes. I am a magnet to the pesky things and even when they're not carrying the lurgy, can get quite ill sometimes because of the bites.

Some of you know that in my spare time I run my charity Caring Kid Connections, which supports a fantastic
school in Ghana, the Tuskegee School. We will be spending a week there in July and I can't wait. Not sure I will be able to hold myself together when I meet all these gorgeous kids in the flesh though!


  1. Oh wonderful your over here bad luck thoughj i wil hunt you down at Cybermummy! Hopefully more funa dn alive than last year when I felt like I was dyingon my feet...didn't click about Ghana. It's a fab place and you'll love it. The Ghanese are the friendliest most wonderful people with an amazing sense of humour which they love to share!

  2. Ooh please find me at cybermummy as it would be great to meet you in person!

  3. What a wonderful charity you have going there Toni. Well done!

  4. Exciting! Will this be your first trip to Africa?

  5. Have a great time in Ghana! (Sounds like great work you're doing!) I get enough of the mozzies down here in Florida! Though things can only get worse as it gets hotter in summer!


  6. You are 100% more organised than me, can't even think about easter trip to New Zealand which I have completely messed up. The Mum conference sounds fun across the pond.

  7. The kids are gorgeous, have a great time!
    Wish I could be at cybermummy. Our uk triP is in July this year so will miss it.

  8. Brilliant charity, the kids do look edible! Mosquitos are hideous aren't they? I discovered them for the first time in Northern France when I was 18, I woke up looking like i had chicken pox. We NEVER used to have them in the UK...at least not in my genteel part of the country. See you at Cybermummy!
    Pig x

  9. How exciting! That will be quite some trip.

    See you at Cyber Mummy. Starbucks for coffee before?


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