Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank God it's Monday

Unlike most people, whose motto seems to be "TGIF", I'm a "Thank God it's Monday" person. While the week has a routine to it (and quiet time for me during the day) weekends are a not-so-carefully orchestrated mash-up of car-pooling, staying up late for the teens, and wondering who'll be around for dinner.

This weekend was no exception, but no, I'm not going to bore you rigid  give you a blow-by-blow account. Just the highlights.

So on Friday I got a call from the school nurse who, I suspect, has me on speed dial. This time it was the Little Guy, who apparently had a cracking headache and blurred vision. He's had headaches (like me and the Queenager) for as long as I can remember and we've already had him checked for more serious issues. The blurred vision however, is a new thing, so I decided to get his eyes checked properly. They have the school vision tests every year, and though nothing has been picked up, I wasn't so sure.

He wasn't at all keen on going, but I later discovered that using the words "test" or "exam" gave him a rather negative impression of the whole process. It doesn't help to have two teenage siblings who whine about tests all the time. Fortunately, when he finally got behind the big pair of glasses and had to read letters and colours, he was surprised at how much fun it was.

Until they puffed the air into his eyeball. We didn't really warn him about it so when that first jet of air hit the eye, he jumped back off the stool about two feet and let out a loud "Whooaaa!". (We don't call him Broadway Joe for nothing.) Everyone in the room fell about laughing. He wasn't amused when we told him the other eye needed to be done, but he went through with it. Even when they put the pupil-dilating drops in his eye he was as good as gold, although he was careful to point out that he wouldn't have been this good if his mom had been doing it. Well, at least he's honest!

For anyone who's never had the pupil dilation done, let's just say it's very strange. Not only do your pupils take over your irises, giving you an alien appearance, your vision is blurred but not for everything. You can see things in the distance but nothing close up. Little Guy has no filter from brain to mouth so we had a running commentary as the drops took effect. This was 3pm on Saturday and we were told it would take about 24 hours to wear off. That's 24 hours of running commentary and dramatic interpretation in the form of "accidentally" bumping into walls, not being able to see his dinner, and tripping over the dog.

Monday morning, his pupils are only slightly smaller and he still can't see properly (I'm taking him in again later today, so don't worry.)

This morning, as I walked him into the classroom, not only did I think "Thank God It's Monday" but I told the teacher what was going on, handed him over to her and said "OK, it's your turn. I'm going for a lie down".

Boy can that child talk!


  1. I love Mondays too - I get to go to work for a rest :-) Don't get me wrong, I work hard, but some weekends are just torture!

  2. That certainly sounded a different kind of Monday! Hope the eye test was OK. I don't like that *puff of wind* either.

    I just get on with my Mondays without thinking too much about it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Love the fact that your son walking into walls and tripping over the dog were your're a woman after my own heart...hilarious!

  4. My husband and the porter in our building have a Monday morning ritual:
    Danny: Good morning. It is Monday.
    Yasha: Yes it is. Monday, blessed Monday.

  5. Laughing at Broadway Joe - he must get the dramatic streak from his Aunty Trish and all the other luvvies in the family!

  6. Hilarious - love the Broadway Joe. I do notice on Monday morning here there are loads of parents with a spring in their step as soon as they've done drop off!

  7. Very funny.

    When I was in secondary school, I had a couple of years in which I really loved school. My best friend and I used to call the week "weekend" and the weekend "week." We must have been so tiring to be around as well, I just thought.

  8. Great post! I love how dramatic he is. I know it's exhausting being around a kid like that (mine is too) but its so QUIET when he's not in the house that I miss the noise.


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