Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being a Celebrity

So yesterday I had another little brush with fame by being on a news show called Chicago Tonight, and chatting about the Royal Wedding. Oh yes, friends. I'm a legend in my own lunchtime. Only for some reason it never goes as smoothly as it looks on, well, TV.

Some authors and bloggers get whisked here and there, star in photo shoots etc., or they get their hair and make-up done to make them look fabulous. You know who you are Susanna, Jen and Sian. Me? I seem to have to fit in my handful of media stints around the rest of my life. This time, at least the Ball & Chain was in town and the Queenager was old enough to leave in charge should he be absent.

But still, I had to fit in getting ready around -

- waiting for the shopping to be delievered (late because of torrential rain)
- before I could jump on the treadmill for half an hour (new fitness campaign)
- so that I could wash my hair and take more than the usual two minutes to dry it

I was also supposed to take the dog for a walk but as I mentioned, it was chucking it down and well, there was the hair to consider.

My hairdresser offered to give me a "blow-out" (as they say here) that afternoon, but not only did I forget to arrange it, but I really didn't have time. The segment producer wanted to chat "early afternoon", which was any time between noon and my 3pm cut-off time when I had to do the school run. Ah yes - this media mum does all of this by herself. So I needed to be by my desk, ready to e-mail stuff to the studio and not faffing around in a hair salon.

Mercifully, my hair dried more of the less the way I intended. (With my hair, every day could be a new hair-do when I blow dry it.) Mind you, the damp weather I encountered picking up the Little Guy put paid to all my hard work. Never mind.

So here's a link all 8 minutes of my little appearance.

(And if anyone can tell me  how to capture this permanently, I'll be forever grateful. Once the link on the web site goes down, I lose this.)


  1. So proud of you! You came over so well and you were very calm - my heart was thumping just watching the interview.
    Hope you get to do more of this as you were very watchable and eloquent xx

  2. eee by 'eck lass yer looked gorgeous!!! and very professional as well... thinking of doing this as a career then? well as everything else! ;)

  3. You came across superb! Well done.
    Re the keeping of the video try this link

  4. Having just found your blog, I just have to say 'very well done!' (from another Toni.) We even have the same hair drying problem.

  5. Well done! You were brilliant, sensible and didn't look at all nervous. (Next thing, you'll be hobnobbing with all the ambassadors. Ferrero Rocher anyone?)

  6. Thank you all. It was fun and the host does such a good job that there's no need to be nervous. And thanks WT for that link. I will take a look and try to learn something.

  7. You looked like a natural in front of the camera, very nice job! You are almost there with regard to being a celebrity, illustrated by the fact that you have your shopping delivered!! We great unwashed have to schlep around the grocery store for ourselves, and live a generally more DIY existence. Have the hairdresser come to YOU and cement your celebrity status once and for all.

  8. Oooh you big smoothie - you were F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

    I think a future in front of the camera beckons. Superb.

    LCM x

  9. Most glamourous and perfect!

  10. Wow you were wonderful and attired in my fave colour too! I will share with the Hubster when he gets home.

    And btw, was that your handbag hitting the floor at 4:05?? ;-)

  11. Hubster just viewed and also thought you did great.

    BTW the t-shirt - go to click on t-shirts, put british in the search box and hit go, tons of excellent choices!

  12. I laughed when the host asked if congratulations were in order for you and Mr Dickson! Er... no... you're not getting married... that's Will and Kate.

  13. You were absolutely wonderful, and you looked great. I love that your English accent continues to be prominent after being in the US the amount of time you have been here.

  14. Great job! Don't knock yourself because you are fab. Totally get them to cough up for you to cover the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, babe!

    Another expat mum

  15. Seriously that was a bad hair day?? & no blow drying? You have NOTHING to worry about!
    I laughed abt the congrats comment too, but also when he asked whether the Queen wd step down & make room for Prince Charles. Er no, it's a monarchy, it doesn't work lik ethat duh!

  16. Oh get you, you did such a fab job, I watched it twice

  17. RealPlayer is usually good for ripping flash videos.

    Or, there are lots of free progs for ripping youtube, so you should try one of those? is a good place to look for one.

    I enjoyed your article and vid by the way! :-)


  18. Fruit cake? Chocolate biscuitty cake? What were you taking about? I got married in this country and I hand't had either of the above. I feel betrayed.
    And btw, you looked very professional and poised. Well done!

  19. lurker delurking! Found yoru blog when bloghopping, and read once in a while...I'm in Dallas :)

    Your interview was lovely - and your hair looked fantastic!



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