Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buggie Hullabaloo?

For some reason, I've been sent information about the new Bugaboo Donkey. (Don't they know I've had my tubes tied?) It's described as a mon-duo-mono- stroller with more storage space than ever before, and apparently it's the first ever buggy that can accommodate two kids of different ages, or twins. Hmmm....back in the late 90's I had a double buggy that did the very same thing.

The Bugaboo Donkey will not be available online, and of course, there's already a waiting list. It is available now to people who obviously have more money than sense. Now that I know I'm not reading these numbers incorrectly, allow me to share the prices with you:

The Mono (for one child) will be $1199 or 899 pounds. The Duo is $1499 or 1099 pounds, and the Twin comes in at an alarming $1659 or 1219 pounds.


I'm assuming a large price tag will be sewn onto the outside of the hood because the only possible reason for buying a Bugaboo Donkey is to show the world and his wife that you can afford one. There's probably a plastic pocket somewhere on the side where you can display your latest bank statement too.

I'm sorry but am I the only one who's speechless here? Normally I don't give a hoot how people spend their money but it's a baby stroller fer cryin' out loud. How can anyone possibly justify spending that much to wheel a baby or two around when half of the babies on this planet aren't going to make it to their second birthday? Come on people step back before you purchase this piece of luxury and consider your motives. Are you really that insecure that you have to wear your income (or debt) on your sleeve like this?

Disclaimer - I also have to tell you that although Bugaboo is charging ridiculous amounts of money for this product, they are donating 1% of purchases to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Oh well, that's alright then.


  1. Oh great, another mega stroller for me to have to dodge while walking down the store aisles.

  2. They have clearly spent a large amount of money on their website!

    Reminds of my sister-in-law who persuaded other relatives to pay for her husband (my husband's brother) to be able to fly to our wedding in the UK on the grounds that they couldn't afford it. While he was in the UK, she went out and bought a double jog-stroller that cost the same as his plane ticket!

  3. That is definitely too much money.
    We had a Bugaboo first time around (1st generation) - it was 500 pounds, which I thought was an obscene amount of money, but it did seem like a good make. When we had a second child, I bought a second hand Phil and Teds, which can also accomodate two children of different ages. I think the full price of those is around 500. But nearly 900 pounds? You are definitely buying the brand name rather than anything else.

  4. I can't believe people pay even several hundred dollars for a buggy. You can tell I'm from a different era. I had had a second hand two seater for my kids. That's a long time ago. Is it really keeping up appearances that make young parents buy these things? I'm disappointed in that generation. I would think they'd know better.

  5. I bought a hefty stroller with inflatable wheels 8 1/2 years ago. We needed something durable because we live in the city and that was our daily mode of transportation. When baby #2 arrived, we got a double stroller side by side w/inflatable wheels and under storage because we still were in the city and went everywhere in the city in it it (especially the grocery store). We spent less on the 2nd stroller. I envied higher priced models, but we got what we needed.I said one of the perks of having a 3rd child would be to get cool new gear. But that's not happening (the 3rd child, that is)

  6. trying to get back my blogging mojo

    and having found why my blog went missing, they sold my domain elsewhere

    so l am back on my original url

    saz x

  7. I don't know, maybe I should get two of them, one for weekdays and one for the weekends...yes, that should about make my family think I'm totally round the bend! Loved this!

  8. Interesting; that rather puts the leather and sheepskin titanium-framed McClaren buggy I saw in Harrods a couple of years back in the shade...

  9. Well...... I think that some people have more money than sense.

    I had an upright double pushchair when my children (born close together) where baby & toddler. Was rather antique by todays standards but it served us very well.
    I'm a great believer in second hand and recycling, anyway!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. I think you can buy a small family car for that price in India!343003/the-2500-tata-nano-unveiled-in-india

  11. How much?!! To be honest as a mum of twins (plus extras) any new twin pushchair gets me salivating at the prospect of there finally being one that will a) fit through the front door or b) not be so long that you have to push it half way into the traffic to be able to see whether there's anything coming... but even if this one does both of those simultaneously at that price I'd also like it to push itself... (and that's coming from someone who in the end did spend £700 on her pushchair - but then I did sell it on for most of that later).

  12. As a mum/mom-to-be living in Manhattan, I've been doing quite a lot of research into the whole stroller thing. I'd say about 98% of people here who need one have a Bugaboo so I thought there must be something good about them. They are as light as a feather and I like the fact that they come with a bassinet, but once you start pricing it up and adding on the extras needed plus tax they come to well over the published price. I reckon the double would come in at nearer $2,000. I'm convinced people buy a bugaboo as it's the thing to be seen with. Needless to say my baby won't be travelling in such luxury!

  13. Insanity - we have a Bugaboo that we bought second hand and even at the second hand price I am determined to eek all my money's worth out of it. I do like the stroller (aside from its crap shopping basket) but we've recently had to have a part fixed on it by Bugaboo, which involved sending it away for 2 months only to find that they hadn't actually fitted the new part but instead sent it to us (and we can't fit it for the life of us). You'd think for all the crazy money these things cost the customer service would be a LOT better.

  14. When my job was collecting data off the internet for a comparison shopping website, I was surprised at the cost of the high-end strollers. They had their own category on our website. I didn't like the attitude of the people who bought these and other baby things for their style rather than for what their baby needed. The better attitude to me seemed to be the one of the mom who wanted to get a side-by-side stroller for her twins, because it didn't seem fair if one were in front and got to see everything while the other didn't.


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