Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Navel-Gazing Questions

  • do I go to "follow" a blog, only to discover that I'm already following it and that's why it appeared in my side-bar in the first place?
  • do some of the blogs I follow never appear in my side bar?
  • do I wake up (unrefreshed) at 5am every day?
  • don't I remember to keep a load of re-usable shopping bags in the car?
  • can't I bring myself to empty the dishwasher until we've run out of knives?
  • when logging on to e-mail to send a very important message, do I get completely distracted by the new ones in my In box and invariably forget to send the important one?
Answers on a postcard or the back of a stuck down envelope!


  1. Why have I only just realised I follow your other blog too...

  2. forgetting re-useable shopping bags= bane of my existence. I carry a Chico bag in my purse at all times, so always end up pulling it out (pathetically) and asking them to put as much as possible in that before starting on the paper bags...just so they know I care about that sort of thing - really.
    Oh, and in our house, it's spoons...

  3. I have the shopping bags, just haven't worked out how to actually get the shop assistants to fill them rather than ignoring them in favour of plastic bags.....

    I definitely have the email problem, though.

  4. June - laughing and thanking you at the same time.
    MsC - I lied about the knives. We've usually run out of everything if I'm left to empty the dishwasher. Fortunately I have a good man who does it with no whining!
    Nappy - I know! It's catching on here but only if you hand them the posh canvas bags. If you hand them a load of used plastic bags (especially from another store) they don't quite know what to do.

  5. Like Nappy Valley Girl, I don't remember to bring them in. Or I've washed them and they're all stuck together. Then I have to suffer the disgust of the packers (this is the East Bay remember). Plus I would try and put answers on stuck down envelope but forgot to stick in down and now its plastered to my forehead...Plus, plus...what's a blog?

  6. I have the shopping bag problem.

    Just so you know.

  7. Some of the blogs you follow don't appear in your side bar because you have to put them there yourself. Click the little spanner at the bottom of the blogroll and then 'add from google reader'

    I'm with you on not remembering to keep shopping bags in the car.

  8. I'm with you on the "distractions" bit; I logged on an hour ago to do some really, super-important stuff, and now I find myself commenting on your blog (not that that isn't important in its own way) but completely forgetting what I logged in for in the first place.

  9. Do you know...... that I want answers to those very same questions.
    The distraction thing is awful. I have the best of intentions.... but distractions get worse with ageing!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. I really like your blog, I'm not sure how I got here, but r I am going to follow you. Really.

  11. Re shopping bags: I almost always put them back in my car as soon as I've unpacked. Then when I go to the grocery store I take the other car.

    Re 5 am waking: it's what GPs here call 'early morning waking' and if you tell them you do that then they start to ask questions about your stress levels. So... are you stressed?! ;)

    Re Blog following: it is a total mystery to me. As is twitter. I seem to find twitter unfollows people on my behalf which is annoying.

    Re email: ditto.

    Hope you get caught up on rest soon.

  12. Yes to the bags - once unpacked I put them in the boot of my car, then dash into the shop the following week forgetting to open the boot and take them, so end up getting more and more and more bags....then finally I do remember to take them ALL in and get a rolling of eyes from the cashier as i turn them all out of the posh canvas bag onto the packing area and cause a minor kerfuffle whilst I try and 'uncrumple' them and tip out old receipts etc.
    I leave the dishwasher for hubby if I'm sneaky enough to avoid it
    I also wake up at about 2 am then at 5 am so maybe all we insomniacs should get together and have a chat (ah, time difference would be a problem!)

  13.'m here?! Why am I here? remind me..... Love to hear your comments on the Cole X-factor affair. ;) Hxx


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