Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Senior Hilarity Moment

So we're in a restaurant last week. The Ball & Chain had had his usual beer before moving on to a glass of red. The empty beer glass is sitting in front of him; the silver-haired waiter approaches and asks if he wants another. I wasn't looking at either male, but I swear my husband said yes. About two minutes later the second beer arrives.

When the waiter is out of earshot the B&C tuts, and mutters something about the waiter not being able to "hear a darn thing", (with a slightly superior tone to his voice if I'm being brutally honest).

"What's the matter don't you want it?", I ask, more than a little confused.

"No. I didn't say I wanted one", he replies.

"I have to say, it sounded like you said "Yes" when he asked you", says I.

"Oh", (sheepish look), "Did he ask me? I didn't hear him."

The kids are still asking us why we were wiping tears away. I can't remember laughing that much in a long time.


  1. Hehe! Though as a Brit in the US, I am still confused as to when I get a free top up, when I get a reduced priced top up, and when I have to pay for another drink, whenever I go anywhere!


  2. Sounds almost as bad as my household where OH and I have to send each other calendar invites to remember who is doing what and when.


    LCM x

  3. That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. ha ha brilliant, and can i say 'typical' (not of your husband because i don't know him, but of my husband).

  5. love it. That is exactly what my husband would do.

  6. I must say if I don't hear what someone's asking me, I more often than not reply with an absent-minded "Yes".

  7. I am going deaf and I must say I am quite enjoying those senior moments when you can tell your kids 'don't talk to me now you know i can't hear over all that traffic noise.'

  8. In our house my husband and I call those the 'ehhh?' moments, said like an elderly person who is hard of hearing. Pretending that we are an old couple already. Ok, so you have to be there, but anyway, this reminded me of us!

    Quite handy to know the Ball & Chains default answer is 'yes' (even if he doesnt hear a question). Now you can format all your questions appropriately... ;)

  9. senior moments are getting quite common in our house!
    Funny! Perhaps it was his sub conscious desire for another one!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Bless him. If he wasn't senior I'd call him blond!

  11. It sounds like part of a scenario of my "No Exit" or 'Who's on three" life...


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