Thursday, June 9, 2011

Parenting styles

Micheloui over at The American Resident is pondering various parenting styles. Go on, take a look, it's really interesting.

I started to think about how I parent, and have to admit that I'm not armed with a plan or a style. You just have to make it up as you go along don't you, perhaps peeking into an owner's manual once in a while.

It's especially poignant at the moment as the Queenager has finished school for ever (sob) and is embarking on the next phase of her life. The world's most expensive university College life. Although I worry about her losing door keys, cell phones and other expensive stuff, she's ready to go and definitely looking forward to it. Her school does a great job of developing independent thinkers and learners, and having them make a lot of decisions for themselves. She isn't daunted by the "big wide world" at all.

And perhaps the greatest compliment I (sort of) received last week was a teacher who wrote "Never Change" on the Queenager's final report.

Excuse me while my heart swells!


  1. I am pleased to have inspired your post! Thanks for the mention.

    I will be so nervous when the time comes to pack my daughter off to uni...but I know she will be excited and ready for it, just like the Queenager.

    And as I think I've commented somewhere, that certainly is the best compliment anyone can have--and especially for you, the mum/mom who raised her! x

  2. What a big one! Congratulations to both of you.

  3. The fact is - parenting style (IMO) contributes about 10% of the child at most. I can't really take credit for her personality, kindness and general maturity, but I can still feel very proud!

  4. Take credit for all the wonderful qualities your children have and blame society for the not-so-wonderful ones!
    Your daughter is a beautiful, eloquent, well-balanced young woman. She can go out into the big bad world with all the love and support from her friends and family and she'll be just fine.
    It's going to be so hard for you when she goes but think of it as just the start of another chapter. (Heavens I'm going all soppy and getting choked up!)

  5. "greatest compliment I (sort of)"

    Take credit! Nothing "sort of" about it!

    It's a wonderful thing when your kids make you proud.

  6. I love you guys! (Can you tell I'm in a completely emotive state at the moment!)

    Trish - truthfully, she is SO excited that I can't help but be swept away by her emotion. She is there at the moment with Hub, at a three day orientation; and has learned that her room mate is half-American, from London. How very cool is that.


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