Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Blame the Americans

A recent article on the BBC web site has some harsh words to say about certain American phrases that seem to be creeping into British English. In my view, the criticism is directed at the wrong people. American English was developed for use in the USA. Whose fault is it that Brits are adopting bits of it?

Pop over to Pond Parleys and join in this developing debate.


  1. Just letting you know the link for PP doesn't work, it stays on your site.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this and must say that I think many folks (on both sides of the pond) are irritated by business buzzwords, slang, and technospeak. Have been reading what 'Lynneguist' has to say over at 'Separated by a Common Language'
    and she makes some really good points, too!

  3. Yes, This Mid 30s is right. Link doesn't work! :-s

    I think I know the BBC article. I was thinking of blogging about it myself, but i was beaten to it! lol

  4. I did my best to bring home British sayings when we transferred home after 4 years in England...for some reason they won't stick...blimey!

  5. Hm... I think language just evolves. Why try and stop it? If British English is picking up Americanisms, it's probably because British culture is becoming more American. It's a symptom rather than a cause.


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