Sunday, August 28, 2011

Danger - American Weather!

Jumping on the bandwagon here to talk about the weather in the USA. (Read my previous post to see how it has personally affected me.)

We never did make it out to DC to settle the Queenager in. There were howling storms on the Saturday night, and she woke up to find a tree gently leaning against her dorm wall. It could have been a lot worse. Once he established that everything was fine, the Ball & Chain left DC this morning for the long drive back to Chicago. Meanwhile, the Queenager has managed to misplace her key twice already. I told her she should wear it round her neck and she laughed at me.....

Anyway, pop over to my Pond Parleys blog to get my take on the not-so-perfect US weather.


  1. She must have thought you were joking when you said that she should wear it around her neck.

  2. Queenager! That's hilarious. Well college is pretty hectic and crazy so she must have been very shocked at seeing that by her window.

    Weather is crazy but to Hurricane Irene is an emphasis on your point about the weather.

  3. At least you are all safe and sound.

    Send Queenager one of those keyrings that beeps when you whistle and tell her to attach is to her key!!

  4. I think that the key round the neck is a great idea. I do that when I go & check pets & plants in neighbours homes.It would be so easy to shut the key in the wrong place.
    Hope the hurricane wasn't near you.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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