Friday, October 21, 2011

Bloody To do Lists

I'm copying Michelloui's idea from her blog The American Resident, and writing about my to-do lists. However, as her's is entitled "Hurrah - Another Thing crossed off my To-Do list" and mine has the word "bloody" in it, that's where the similarities end.

I have the Immediate To-Do list, which is made doubly taxing by the absence of the Ball And Chain for most of this week and half the weekend. (Golfing trip - Yes, I'm a saint!)

  1. Pick Little Guy up from after-school activity. (ie. stop blogging and leave immediately. OK - done.)
  2. Find something for dinner, (ie. not left over lasagna again)
  3. Set alarm for Saturday morning to take Little Guy to fencing and try to awaken the Kraken Man-Child for his activity. (The Ball & Chain owes me big time for this.)
  4. Pick little friend up for Saturday morning playdate, after fencing. (ie. do not remember when pulling into the garage.)
  5. Take boys to a movie as promised. Or not, if they decide that they'd rather hang around the house and play shooty games. FIne by me. (3rd child - don't care if everything is a gun to him.)
  6. Make sure that Man-Child makes it to rescheduled voice lesson.
  7. At some point, finish sewing the damn Sith Lord costume. (Unless, of course, I run out of thread. Again. Or shoot myself. COuld go either way here.)
  8. Mail 'care package' to the Queenager at college, (before the chocolate HobNobs and Lion Bars go rancid, or whatever chocolate does when it's old.)
And then there's the Big Picture To Do list which, on the one hand can be easily ignored (ie. no one will starve or otherwise meet their demise) but on the other hand, there's just SO much:
  1. Finish painting downstairs loo. (I just got bored, see.)
  2. Make slipcover for armchair in family room. (That fabric was too expensive to leave in the cupboard).
  3. Buy new rug for family room (holes chewed by dog as a puppy can no longer be disguised). I am SO bad at making a final decision on things like this. What if I find something nicer after I've bought one?
  4. Book flights for Christmas ski trip. That's right, Just make a bloody decision on when to go and when to come back to Chicago. (How difficult can that be fer cryin' out loud?)
  5. Choose paint colo(u)r for new front door. (How many shades of red are there for goodness' sake?)
  6. Find someone to fix oven overhead fan light.
  7. Find someone to fix leaking kitchen sink tap/faucet.
  8. Find someone to plaster hole in ceiling, which Ball & Chain gouged out in search of non-existent leak .
  9. Bring all outdoor potted plants-that-I-want-to-keep indoors before the first frost, which looks to be imminent. (Ah yes, gardeners in temperate climes, most flora doesn't make it through the winter here.)
  10. Lose half my body weight sometime soon. (Oh yeah, that'll happen.)
You'll notice that there's no mention of my writing or charitable fund-raising activities here; they have their very own to-do lists, but it would be too, too depressing to add them to this post. (For all of us.)


  1. Add one more thing to your to do list: rip up to do list and go to a spa. There, much easier

  2. You will have crossed off some of the items of your immediate to do list and I bet you've added some more. That's a never ending battle. The other to do list is more interesting. If you tackle that one, you really will have achieved something. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on that one. Especially the decorating jobs. Those are so important to your peace of mind, aren't they? Good luck with them.

  3. I put things on my immediate to-do list like "shower" and "make bed" just so that I can feel good about myself when I cross them off :)

  4. If you succeed with #10, could you please blog about it.

    I'd be your slave if you do.

  5. Ha ha fat chance. (Excuse the pun.)

  6. What is it about reading someone else's To Do Lists that makes my shoulders tense up? I was looking forward to reading this post, but now I've learned my lesson!

    My mom always said 'just one thing at a time, then it'll all be done!'



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