Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Naked Emperor - I Can See You!

I've never really worried what people think of me. I usually try to do the right thing when possible so if anyone disagrees with me or dislikes me, then that's fine.  Nor do I care what people have - it's pretty meaningless at the end of the day and certainly doesn't make you a better person.

As I'm getting older I'm not only finding I care less and less about appearances and popularity, I am less tolerant when others are obviously trying to impress.

So, rather than risk slapping them upside the head, here's my message to all the annoying show-offs out there,

I know you're really insecure if:

  • Your phone is set to ping loudly in public places when you get a text. No one wants to know how "popular" you are. If you were really popular you wouldn't feel the need to do this. **
  • You walk around with your phone in your hand instead of in your pocket or in a bag. Are you deaf? There is a volume thing on your ringer you know. Or are you so important that your phone rings all the time. And if so, is it important that everyone knows?
  • Your social invitations are on show on a mantlepiece or a noticeboard, either of which can immediately be seen by anyone coming into your house. What? Are all the drawers in your house jammed shut?
  • On entering the room at a party you scan it quickly, looking for "the players". Just go and talk to the people you really like and don't worry that they're not the most popular/rich/trendy.
  • Your car is upgraded every year. OK, with the MOT situation in the UK, I can understand every three years, to save the trouble of having it tested and repaired. But every year? Are you worried that a one-year old car is going to break down on you, or - do you need to show people what you can afford? 
You're not fooling anyone you know.

** This post was inspired by a Tweet from Shouty Dad, who had the misfortune of sitting next to a guy like this the other evening.


  1. So true!
    A woman at my son's pre-school made a comment on her FB page that said something like "A shout out to all those women like me that can spot a fake designer purse!". What a elitist & mean thing to say. Make me glad that I buy my bags from thrift stores :-)

  2. Don't even get me started on people who feel the need to spend that much money - so that other people will know how much they've spent. Grrr...

  3. What's wrong with people? If that's what they get their kicks off that is pretty sad.

  4. But what about the woman who can't work her phone and finds that her bloody children keep changing the settings on it and I can't change them back! (moves working out how to change phone settings up the list of things to do)

  5. Pants - Oh your'e OK. We've all been there!

  6. I love it when you get vicious. I'm glad I stopped by today. :)

  7. Yeah....... I second all that, Expatmum.
    Down with show offs!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Party? What's a party? Oh yes... I once used to get invited to those things...

  9. I sort of agree with you for the most part, (don't get me started on designer handbags!) but don't get why anyone would stuff invitations into a drawer? Not that I get that many like, okay I hardly get ANY to be honest, and I'd be sure to forget them if I shoved them in a drawer!


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