Sunday, May 27, 2012

Only in America

I get used to all the crazy antics in the USA, having lived here for 22 years. Besides, the mother country isn't too far behind now, with personal injury litigation on the rise, toddlers dressed up as miniature prostitutes, and obesity gaining ground.

This, however, just made me shake my head in disbelief. - "Self-marriage".  No, no, not do-it-yourself marriage, but "self-marriage".  Here, have a look.

Apparently the woman, who went through a painful divorce six years ago, married herself, - ceremony, guests and the whole shebang, - to affirm how well she feels these days, and how much she loves herself. I get that. I haven't been through a divorce, and I can't even imagine how shattering it must be. It's also very important to get back to a state where you do indeed like yourself. That's to be encouraged and applauded.

But how many divorcees take themselves on "dates" to treat themselves and "to invest in the  relationship"? (OK, you might do things to make yourself feel better, but would you call it a "self-date"?)

So come on Britain. Jump on this bandwagon if you dare!


  1. Awesome! I wonder if one day she will go back to treating herself like crap and get a divorce.

  2. Quite ridiculous and I hope this doesn't catch on!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  3. Hmmm...what was the wedding night like, I wonder? ;)

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  5. It's a good a way to blag lots of kitchen appliances I guess, but otherwise? Really?

    So if she meets someone else will she be committing adultery? Will she have to divorce herself? Will people demand the return of the electric carving knife?

    Too many questions? ;-)

  6. Well at least all parties will turn up for couples thearapy further on down the line ( :

    I have been through a horrible divorce. And I was heartbroken. Via that filter I would have to say that if you feel the need to do this, you are not quite at the destination on your recovery to getting over it.

    I knew I was better when I stopped feeling the need to publically declare how better I was and how much more I liked myself now and anyway I don't need a man !

    Marrying yourself seems like an extreme version of "the lady doth protest too much" in relation to the sort of scenario above where the wounded make a very big deal about how healed they are.

    I recommend her friends taking her aside and saying "darling, we think you might need some professional help for this part of the life hump you are having to get over". Turning up for her self wedding doesn't really qualify as being a good friend in my book. Thank goodness I was surrounded by mates who didn't do bullsh*t and told me that all my cries of how well I was doing were actually doing a fabby job of demonstrating the complete opposite.

  7. How silly, and how sad. On a positive note, I hope this means that something as humdrum as two gay people wanting to get married will become a non-issue.

  8. Totally unrelated to this post: Just bought your book. German (who has lived in the USA for 14 years) moving to England later this year;) Yup! American English all the way and such. Can't wait to read it.

  9. She obviously found herself and wanted to make a commitment!?

    Very bizarre. Some great comments on this, especially the sage words from Sarah.

  10. Oh that is just too funny. I just hope she doesn't get to the point where she wants a divorce... !

  11. Let me guess ... she registered at Good Vibrations.


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