Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sexy? Sometimes less is more!

Is it me, or is this just not sexy? 
It's Christina Aguilera in the final-ay of The Voice (which I can't say I watched!)

I'm hetero, but I think I have some inclination of what's sexy in woman. Maybe not this? 

Back in the dark ages when I was in my teens and twenties, I admit we young gals dressed as sexily and provocatively as we could, - jeans so tight you couldn't sit down etc. Actually, there was no  "etc." as it was never warm enough to wear short shorts and strappy tops. It really was a fairly Victorian type of sexy, with just a "hint" of things, here and there.

Side note -Anyone remember sitting astride friends in shop changing/fitting rooms trying to do the zip up on jeans that no human should ever be wearing? I also remember going out with my sister one night, and catching a virtually empty bus into town, but not being able to sit down because of the jean situation. The bus driver kept shouting back "Plenty of seats there girls", as we drowned him out by fake-laughing uproariously at our own conversation. (Yes, you young 'uns - this was before the days of Spandex and stretch jeans.)

Anyway, back to the subject in hand (if you'll pardon the expression) - even when the booty-lishous Beyonce wore them, these are not "hot pants" - they're granny knickers.  Or those baby one-pieces, complete with nappy/diaper, it would appear.

We made fun of them in Bridget Jones fer cryin' out loud. Just because you bedazzle them, doesn't make them "sexy". 

Sometimes less really is more!


  1. That "granny panty" look is something I've noticed on Project Runway (although the PR versions have a bit more fabric than Christina A's). Ugh-ly, no matter how young you are. And I do remember those jeans. I had a pair (tight) that had zippers at the ankles -- loved them. So tight that they eventually developed rips straight across the knees from strain, which was fine because they fit the early Madonna look. By today's standards, they were nuns'wear.

  2. There is something odd about the pattern and cut of her shorts. Usually I do like them straight across the leg (not for mere mortals of course) and Posh Spice did a mean nude granny pant with her hubs in W magazine. Whatever one says about that women she knows what looks suits her

  3. Laughing at you standing up in the bus!

    Straddling friends in changing rooms? Nope, not sure I ever did that but my mind is boggling.

  4. Yeah -(in Geordie Jeans) you had to put either a coat hanger or a piece of leather through the hole in the zip, then the friend (or sister) trying the jeans on had to pull the jeans together while you tried to yank the zip up. Personally, I was never vain enough to wear them that tight.

    I did have a great pair of red skinny jeans that were so tight at the ankles they had zips. They were very cool. Wonder what happened to them?

  5. When I grew up, "hot pants" belonged to the family of shorts. Today's hot pants definitely fall into the underwear category - no way anyone wears them in public without making a complete fool of themselves.

  6. I have had a shop assistant sit on me while trying to do a pair of jeans up. She managed, but I didn't buy them. I was far too sensible.

    Yay, whoever invented spandex!

  7. hilarious post. so true, they look bliddy daft!
    they remind me of the gym knickers we used to wear!

  8. No, definitely not sexy!
    I am a grannie, I know.... but I think I still know what is sexy & what is not!!!!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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