Saturday, May 19, 2012

When Teachers Near the End of the School Year..

The teachers at my kids' school are a great bunch. Many of them are extremely talented in areas other than their academic subject; a lot of them never pass on a chance to shake their groove thing and otherwise make complete fools of themselves perform for the entertainment of our kids. At the end of the school year it all gets a bit silly.

Here's an example. (Background - the K-walkers are the 4th graders (year 5) who walk the teeny kids from the cars to their classrooms in the morning; K stands for Kindergarten. The first lady you'll see is the Lower school Principal, (ages 4-9) and the dude in the shades is the Intermediate and Middle School Principal - ages 10-14.)



  1. Funny! And well done; you have some talented people at your school. But, yeah, it looks like they are in need of a long break...

  2. I want to go th this school!

  3. That was a pretty good Rap. Kinda scary, too, on another level. :) Kidding...

  4. Good for them, being prepared to do this kind of stuff.

  5. Cool video! They are good sports! :-)

  6. That was real good fun. What great sports those teachers are!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. So so cool, I'm going to send that to my friends, very inventive and fun! Doing the K-walk right now!


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