Friday, 6 July 2012

Weather Karma - Oh to be in England....

So, as you know, I spent most of the month of June in England - when the average temperature was 58 Fahrenheit/14.4 Celsius and I got soaked on a daily basis. Being English, I was not very happy about it but what's the use of complaining? At least I wasn't standing on a freezing barge in the middle of the Thames, trying to look happy, like the Queen had to on the Jubilee Flotilla day.

Hmmm. Can't really blame her for this expression. The rain was coming down sideways and she had to stand there for 90 minutes watching drenched people sail past in vessels large and small. There were two chairs behind her and her husband, Prince Philip, but I didn't catch them taking a quick rest even once. It's no wonder the poor man ended up hospitalized with a bladder infection.

Contrast this to what was going on in Illinois, (where I live) in June. Apparently it was the dryest June on record and there is a fairly serious drought going on in the south of the state, where the farms are. The entire US is currently under a heat advisory, and when there's a heat advisory during an American summer, you know it's hot. Yesterday in Chicago, we reached 103 Fahrenheit (39.4 Celsius) and apparently it's going up even higher today. Coupled with about 95% humidity here, it's not very pleasant and you tend to stay indoors in the cool of the air-conditioning.

Unless you happen to have a power cut (or outage, as they say here) which is also happening in various parts of the country. See, summer in the USA not only brings excessive heat, but thunderstorms too. These storms inevitably bring trees down, and the trees fall on power lines. Some people have been told it will take almost a week to get their power up again. Can you imagine living in this heat with no means of keeping cool? You can't even plug a fan in. There are emergency cooling stations, (which are often local libraries) but people aren't allowed to sleep there.

Back in 1995, when I was pregnant with the soon-to-be-renamed Man-Child, it was then supposed to be the hottest summer on record, and 650 people in Chicago ended up dying from heat-related conditions.

I just hope we don't have a repeat of that.

Oh to be in England.


  1. It's absolutely stotting down here, and my boy has his prom tonight. Can we swap weather just for a day?

  2. Seems like my prayers were answered sunshine is out and am about to pick strawberries for the cricket tea - I am making the most of it as rain is still forecast!!!!
    Keep cool!

  3. Worst thing is Trish, the weather's not guaranteed here either because of the storms. Last year, the Queenager's graduation was an absolute washout.

    Tattie - keep praying!

  4. I do not miss a single thing about Midwestern Weather. It is nice and cool and cloudy here in Devon. I always laugh when they forecast thunderstorms here. Yeah, right.I do miss window screens, but I'll cope. We are visiting in September, I do hope it has cooled off by then!

  5. In Massachusetts it's similar to Chicago - just not quite so extreme. Came back from England a week ago and wore everything from sweatshirt and jeans to t-shirt and capris! Think I'd still rather have a guaranteed summer. Stay cool!

  6. It's very hot in NY too, but hasn't been quite so stormy. I have to say it's better than drizzle - my book club last night became a pool party, with everyone swimming at 11pm, something you would never be able to do in England!

  7. My parents in NC are also suffering from the heat. I certainly don't envy them. If only we could trade them a few degrees for a few inches of rain...

  8. 50 degrees, grey and wet here in Sussex on this fine morning; did I over-sleep and wake up in November? Truthfully, I wouldn't want it that hot, but I would trade a bit of this cold and wet for a few days of REAL summer.

    I hope you get some weather relief soon.

  9. Expat Aussie in NJWednesday, 11 July, 2012

    Really liked your post! It's my first time visiting here. I'm an Aussie living in NJ and even I find the hot weather here unbearable. I think the mix of humidity plus heat is the hardest. perhaps it's just a sign of my age:)


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