Saturday, July 21, 2012

You MUST Go And Read This - Award # ?

Don't have time to look up what number this is in my award series, although I do know that I haven't awarded one for quite a time.

This one is very serious but so articulate and generally brilliant that I just have to share it. Written by an American living in the UK, it's her thoughts on America's relationship with guns, in the light of the tragedy in Colorado this past weekend. (Yes, I'm going there.)

For those of us not brought up with a national love of guns, nor with a legally encoded "right to bear arms", it's alarming how far in denial Americans often seem to be when the correlation is made between homicide rates and access to guns, in comparison to other "westernized" countries.  This blogger, having lived outside of the US for quite a while, has also been able to look at the issue from a wider perspective.

I give you "America, You Have a Gun Problem", at the blog "What Do I know".

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  1. I'm with Eddie Izzard on this issue. When people say 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' he retorts 'I think the gun helps don't you?! Just going up to someone and yelling BANG is not exactly lethal'.


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