Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Mother's Morning

Back-to-school is definitely in the air, and for some reason I've been walking around for the last few days composing this little ditty:

A Mother's Morning

When I get up in the morning, I can't just walk out the door
There's kids to cajole, a dog to be fed, wet towels all over the floor
I'd love to have a long shower, to blow dry and play with my hair
Instead I just throw on the first things I see hanging over the back of the chair

Before I get down to the kitchen I put in a big load of whites
I pick up the back packs and gym shoes and books and usually turn off a few lights
Of course we've run out of cereal so I nip to the corner store
I'm sure that will be but the first trip of many as other needs come to the fore

And then I bark like a sergeant, "Brush your teeth" "Where's your socks?" and the like
"It's not my job to keep track of your shoes" and "No, we cannot take your bike."
"Will someone please empty the dishwasher" I cry trying not to sound mean
"Oh, whoops, were they clean?" comes a voice in return; and yes, you know what that means.

I try not to think of the panic and mayhem that goes on each day
"Tonight I'll be a good mother, make lists, write instructions" I say
But really I'm flogging a dead horse, my kids leave school notes in their pockets
How on earth can I know what they don't always tell me? Instead I drink tea and think "*%*# it". 


  1. Good luck. Be brave. Thank goodness for sailor phrases like "%#it" to get you through these days.

  2. As a grandma who just acquired two school aged children, I'm in a bit of a panic because both schools, all teachers, all counselors and all activity organizations (read marching band) have sent me their calendars FOR THE YEAR! They are insane if they think I'll be collating that much information. "%*# it."

  3. One of these days I am going to make a recording of myself and just play it on a continuous loop to my kids.

    They will probably ignore it as well.

    But at least I can sit with a good book and a pair of earplugs on the sofa with my feet up and save my voice.

    LCM x

  4. Noo! It can't be that time of year already it's only been six weeks off and I'm just getting used to the holidays...oh @/*% it!!!!

  5. Joanne - feel free to vent over here!

    Tattie - A lot of US schools have been out since mid-May or early June so some are already back. We don't go back till Sep 5 but it seems like it's round the corner.

  6. So clever of you to think of rhyming 'pocket' with '*%*#' - I think the morning chaos is really stimulating your creativity ; )

  7. Oddly, I have school mornings down to a T. It is the one and only place where I excel at parenting. My kids are fed, watered, brushed, dressed and DONE before my alarm goes off. Now...if they were just old enough to walk themselves to school...Nah, I can wait.

  8. Ah well, Detroit - I have you beat there. This year my little guy starts school (the same school) at the same time as my Junior. So guess who'll be walking to school together! Yay. I can stay in my PJs!

  9. 'A big load of whites'. I love having a washing on the go and that phrase sounds so satisfying to me!;-)


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