Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ragweed Blues

It's that time of year again - not back-to-school time, although it obviously is back-to-school time. For me it's also ragweed season, and let me tell you, I am looking gorgeous.

For those not in the know, ragwood is a wind-pollinating feckin' weed that, according to Wiki (see link above) is "the greatest allergen of all pollens" and "the prime cause of hay fever in North America." And dare I say, the bane of my life. There are also scores of varieties, so it's almost impossible to avoid them. The pollen is invisible but apparently sticks to everything, including clothes and the inside of your nostrils.

Every year at this time I get the usual sneezes and mucus drainage. Sometimes an anti-histamine works and sometimes it doesn't. The look is completed by red, swollen itchy eyes that nothing seems to soothe. Oh, and I now seem to be slightly allergic to my own tears, which if course, are prolific during ragweed season. Not tears from crying (not yet anyway) but just general seepage, so I end up looking like this! (This is actually from another post, but the end result is the same.)

And of course, since I have red, swollen itchy eyes, my social calendar is fuller than it's been the entire year. Friday night Bruce Springstein at Wrigley Field (Chicago's baseball place), something else that I've forgotten on Saturday, block party on Sunday, Ball & Chain's work dinner next week, a thousand and one school meetings, etc. etc. 

I'm thinking a bloody great burkha might do the trick, although that would possibly just draw attention to the problem even more. Sigh. 


  1. One of those cold eye mask things that you pop in the fridge might help reduce the irritation round your eyes.

    I can't really help with the allergen bit other than to say that Boots trialled a sort of Vaseline like substance for hayfever a couple of years ago. It was supposed to help "catch" the pollen before it went up noses. Doubtless such a thing exists over the pond too.

    Can't comment on the efficacy, as I never tried it myself, but might be worth a shot?

  2. Try dealing with the need to sneeze and the incessant post nasal drip of a gallon of snot into your throat as you lie immobile and choking for 45 minutes in an MRI machine. I'll never allow another MRI to be scheduled before the first frost.

  3. Sounds awful - maybe you should move this way? (hahahahaha...) x

  4. You poor thing, that's dreadful. Hope it eases up soon. I don't know if we have it here. I have had a few unexpected sneezing fits this week, so maybe we do....

  5. Ahhh, ragweed, my own nemesis. Currently, sporting the same reactions. AND, the true kicker? I never had allergy issues until a few years ago. Apparently, sometimes you can just "all of a sudden" acquire an allergy. Great. Just great.

  6. Have you considered allergy shots? They do help many with this misery.

    (don't you love it when a perfect stranger offers advice!?)

  7. Oh poor you. My mom also used to do the allergy shots. Though I haven't heard of this particular allergen. I hope it settles down soon. Use it as an excuse to book a facial once your nose stops running!

  8. I have suffered from hay fever since I was a child but I seem to have grown out of it, it's not half as severe as it used to be.
    You'll need to wear some big statement shades until the season passes?

  9. I could send you a burkha with bling on! Poor you. I know how you feel. I used to get rotten hay fever in England. Don't get it in Dubai, of course- but some people find the dust really irritating. Clogs up your sinuses and exacerbates breathing problems. On second thoughts, maybe I'll take the hay fever instead! I hope you feel better soon x


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