Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love Me, Love my Child

Sorry to bombard you with links to my "Mind the Gap" column, but I can't reproduce them here. And they're kind of funny and interesting. So are some of the comments at times.

Here's one about the differences between how Americans and Brits view their children.


  1. Bombard away. I, for one, love reading about the differences.

  2. Just realised how arrogant my "They're kind of funny and interesting" comment looks. I meant - You might find them funny and interesting.

  3. It is good to love your kids but there is a limit to what other people's should be allowed to do in your house!
    I like your articles very much and think you've written a very sensible account.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Going over now to look, have been thinking a lot about this lately..

  5. The US is way more child-centric than the UK. I remember writing a post about it early on, as it really is a culture shock. In a British family, kids can often be kind of bottom of the pecking order, whereas in the US, it is much more like they are the centre of the family.

    The 'Antony' character in the British comedy show, The Royle Family is an humorous exaggeration, but still an example of how you can end up as the dogsbody if you are the youngest in a British family. It doesn't really happen like that in the US!

  6. All too true as my older daughter [Brit born] never ceases to tell my more recent USA born kids how darned lucky they are.


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