Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brothers and Superheroes

So, as you might know, the Man-Child (who needs a new name) and the Little Guy (who is now up to my shoulder) have conversations that often either leave me in the dark or leave me wondering about their erm, cognitive development.

They both have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Star Wars and Super Heroes, and the LG's mind is awash with possibilities. The walk back from school is filled with "Imagine if you could...." and "What if a Super Hero could..."., and when the Man-Child is around he will either fill in the technical details or apprise the LG of his potentially fatal errors of supposition. (As you do.)

The other evening on the way back home from a nice restaurant in our ski village, the conversation went thus:-

9 y/o - So, - imagine a Superhero that can turn everything pink.

M/C - What? Why on earth would you want to turn things pink?

9 y/o - Yeah, but just imagine how cool that would be.

M/C - But how would you kill them?  Would they die of embarrassment?  Would they look down and say "Oh my god I'm pink. I must go home and change"? (Said in 1950's black and white movie accent)

And they weren't even drinking......


  1. I can imagine that conversation easily! If only my Man-Child had had a little brother to converse with....oh the blog fodder would have been amazing.

  2. I overheard my 4yr old telling her older sister the other day 'superheroes can't be girls!!' Obviously that made me crazy - so maybe there is an opening for someone with the superpowers to turn everything pink...... Although personally I'd prefer something a little more kick-ass!!

  3. Ali - but imagine the converse side of that, - a son who thinks that to turn things pink is amazing. My work is done. (At least for this evening.)

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  5. Well, one of them thought that turning things pink is amazing, but the other thought it would be a source of embarrassment so bad it could lead to death.

  6. I love to eaves drop on all the imaginings of children! A pink world..... wow!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. Iota - Don't forget, said son had pink hair for most of last year!


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